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FAQ: Features

scrod edited this page Jan 29, 2011 · 19 revisions

I want to store images in Notational Velocity.

Notational Velocity is a note-taking application, not a file/image organization tool.

I want to organize my notes into separate folders.

Notational Velocity allows you to organize your notes by search, through the combination of searching and creating. The goal of NV is to avoid the need for explicit categorization.

I want multiple databases with different sets of notes.

See Issue 22

I want to use multiple colors, differing fonts and sizes, paragraph spacing, etc, like TextEdit or a full-fledged word processor.

See Issue 27

I want to use styles with Simplenote.

See Issue 8

I want to be able to browse by tag.

See Issue 6

I don’t like Dock icons. I want Notational Velocity to stay in the menu bar instead.

First, know that you can set a global hot-key to bring NV to the front under Preferences > General > Activate NV Shortcut, provided that the app is already running. If this is still unsatisfactory, then see Issue 33.

I want a shortcut to insert the current date/time as text.

See Issue 87