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FAQ: Synchronization

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How do I synchronize with Simplenote?

First, create a Simplenote account if you don’t have one.
In NV, under Preferences > Notes > Synchronization, click “Synchronize with Simplenote:” and enter your Simplenote login and password. You will be prompted to add any existing notes, and from then on your notes will remain in sync across any computers running NV and iPhones running Simplenote.

If I’m using Simplenote, do I still need Dropbox to sync notes between Macs?

No! Absolutely not. Several copies of Notational Velocity configured for Simplenote will keep each other in sync completely on their own.
In fact, Dropbox should never be used with Simplenote except under controlled circumstances (see the next question).

How do I use Dropbox to synchronize several copies of NV?

See Synchronizing with Dropbox.

Some of my notes are being duplicated over and over; I enabled Simplenote syncing and am using Dropbox.

You cannot sync the same notes folder using both Simplenote and Dropbox. If you absolutely insist on using Dropbox, then only one copy of Notational Velocity should have its notes folder in Dropbox. So you must tell Notational Velocity on the other Macs to store notes in a different folder (e.g., ~/Library/Application Support/ or ~/Documents/), and configure them with the same Simplenote account.

How am I supposed to synchronize my notes without a manual ‘Sync’ button?

Local changes are pushed within 7 to 30 seconds, and NV will always upload any unsynchronized notes before quitting, in case you finish sooner than that.

How does encryption work in conjunction with Simplenote?

If database encryption is enabled under Preferences > Notes > Security, then your notes will be encrypted on disk. However, they will still be sent to Simplenote without encryption. (And obviously Notational Velocity will always use SSL regardless.)

The Simplenote password is not remembered between launches.

  1. Open Keychain Access in /Applications/Utilities.
  2. Delete any “Notational Velocity” entries.
  3. Under “Keychain First Aid” in the application menu, select Repair.
  4. Ensure you have not modified the Notational Velocity application itself using an app such as Dockless or Service Scrubber. This would have broken OS X’s code-signing, which is required for the Keychain. Re-download the application if you modified it.

Why is indentation replaced with spaces after editing a note in Simplenote?

The Simplenote iPhone app removes tab characters when it downloads notes. So to preserve some semblance of indentation Notational Velocity will “de-tab” notes (i.e., replace tabs with spaces) when syncing them. Using a fixed-width font such as Monaco or Menlo and enabling “Soft tabs” will make editing these notes easier.

Why don’t my Notational Velocity tags appear in Simplenote and vise versa?

Tags cannot be synchronized with Simplenote until NV is updated to use Simplenote’s newer syncing APIs.

How do I synchronize with WriteRoom/iPhone?

See Synchronizing with WriteRoom-iPhone via