Importing Notes from External Sources

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Means Of Importing Data

Information can be added to NV in different ways:

  • Drag-and-drop into the list of notes
  • Drag-and-drop onto the Dock icon
  • The global New Note With Selection Services item1 (Command-Shift-V)
  • The Note > Import menu item
  • The Edit > Paste as New Note (also Command-Shift-V) menu item
  • Right-clicking the Dock icon and choosing Add New Note from Clipboard

1 Enabling the Services menu item

Importing URL contents

The textual contents of URLs from web browsers can also be added using most of the above methods (drag and drop from a web browser, paste-as-new-note, etc.).

Importing Stickies

  1. To import sticky notes, first locate your StickiesDatabase file. This is usually at /Users/YourUser/Library/StickiesDatabase.
  2. In NV, drag this file into the list of notes or choose Note > Import and select it there.

Recognized File Types and Sources

  • Any plain text file
  • HTML files
  • Rich Text Format files (RTF and RTFD)
  • Microsoft Word Documents (DOC and DOCX)
  • Safari Web Archives
  • PDF files

Preserving File Creation Dates

Individually imported files will normally have their “Date Added” set to the current time. To use the file’s creation date as “Date Added”, do the following:

  1. From Note > Import, select files and/or folders to import
  2. Check Import file creation dates