Notes Database and Migration

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Initial notes import

In NV 1.1.1 and earlier, notes were stored by default in the file

In NV 2.0b and later, the default notes database location is now
~/Library/Application Support/Notational Data/.

The first time NV 2.0b launches, it checks for a NotationalDatabase.blor file at the path specified in NV 1.1.1’s preferences file. If found, NV 2.0b attempts to import it using NV 1.1.1’s saved keychain password, prompting the user if necessary.

If a NotationalDatabase.blor file cannot be found at initial launch, NV 2.0b simply adds the four introductory “help” notes and finishes. After this point it becomes the user’s responsibility to import the older database file manually by choosing Note > Import… and selecting it from the ensuing dialog box.

Default encryption setting

If an old NotationalDatabase.blor file could be imported, then encryption is enabled automatically with the password provided. Otherwise, as is the case with the default state of NV 2.0b, encryption is left disabled until the user turns it on via Notes > Security > Encryption.

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