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Notable Changes in Version 2.0β5

  • “Edit With…” menu for editing in WriteRoom, TextMate, etc., for all DB storage options
  • Indentation is preserved for lists created in TextEdit and Pages (Thanks to tewe)
  • No longer crashes when reading note-files containing illegal Unicode characters
  • No longer crashes when syncing to Simplenote on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Preview
  • Japanese font-substituted characters now display properly as tags
  • Searching by title could fail on some system localizations
  • Simplified single-line list display in horizontal layout
  • Control-J/K and Control-P/N shortcuts for switching between notes (Thanks to Christopher Sexton)
  • NV should use less memory when dealing with many tagged notes
  • “NV: New Note With Selection” Services menu item is properly localized
  • Italian localization courtesy of Paolo Tramannoni
  • Chinese Simplified localization courtesy of Tunghsiao Liu

Notable Changes in Version 2.0β4

New Additions

  • Tags are synced to Dropbox and searched by Spotlight, via OpenMeta
  • Tags are auto-completed while typing in the tag-entry field
  • Option for horizontal layout with multi-line previews in notes list
  • Added a Strikethrough style to the Format menu
  • TaskPaper-compatible strikethrough formatting using the “@done” tag
  • Fully plain-text-based automatic list-bullet formatting
  • Words between [[double-brackets]] will become links to other notes
  • Note-titles inside double-brackets are (optionally) auto-completed
  • Allow picking alternate file extensions as the default for new notes
  • “Show in Finder” command for revealing selected note-files on disk
  • “Copy URL” command for copying a unique nv:// links to notes
  • nv://make/ URL syntax for creating notes from encoded text or HTML
  • Custom (global) foreground and background colors in the note editor
  • Highlighting of search terms can be disabled
  • Dragging the divider to the top or left of the window will hide search field
  • AppleScript Search command by Greg Bell
  • Portuguese localization by Daniel Souza
  • German localization by Benedikt Hopmann <>
  • New custom icon designed by Taylor Carrigan <>

Behavior Changes

  • The activate-NV hotkey will switch back to the previous OS X Space
  • “Deleted” notes are moved to the trash when stored as separate files
  • Titles that match the search terms exactly are autocompleted first
  • Command-Delete deletes lines in the body, and the whole note elsewhere
  • “Copy basic styles from other apps” option applies to imported URLs
  • The Underline style is no longer included.
  • The leading text of automatically-titled notes is initially selected for easy deletion
  • Imported files are titled after the first line in some circumstances
  • The tab key now right-shifts multiple-line selections and bullets only
  • Back-tab can be used to de-indent automatically-formatted list-bullets
  • Pressing tab in the search/title field autocompletes notes manually
  • Styles are reset after adding a new line


  • Certain diacritics could prevent note-titles from matching a search (from Mikael Pettersson)
  • Secure text entry should be active only while NV is in the foreground
  • More accurate URL detection using Adium’s AutoHyperlinks framework
  • Certain types of proxy servers may no longer interfere with Simplenote
  • Existing file extensions of notes are preserved if they are compatible
  • Better detection of renamed files in the case of Dropbox
  • The “externally deleted files” alert is more accurate and less annoying
  • Unsynchronized notes are uploaded to Simplenote before machine sleep
  • Text and URLs dragged onto the application icon are also now imported
  • Note-files opened externally in NV are selected instead of imported
  • File system changes to the notes folder are detected more reliably
  • Hidden or internal files will no longer appear in the list of notes
  • Avoids a problem in which changes made by Dropbox were not seen

Notable Changes in Version 2.0β3

  • Completely and expertly localized into French by [David Bosman](
  • Fixed a sync bug: newly-created notes would remain if the deletion occurred too soon
  • Unsynchronized changes are detected and handled more reliably upon quitting
  • Properly handles receiving corrupt JSON data
  • File extensions (for separate-files storage) are always hidden upon saving
  • Copy/paste now works with the Dvorak – Qwerty CMD keyboard layout
  • Fixed an issue which could sometimes prevent tabs from being inserted
  • Soft-tabbed-editing is no longer required for syncing, but spaces are still used on upload
  • Additional state is preserved between launches, and the search/title field is always selected

Notable Changes in Version 2.0β2

  • Fully integrated and robust Simplenote synchronization
  • New look, with visual indication of searching/creating and a clear button
  • Re-added note-body previews from version 1.x and made them optional
  • Creation and modification dates are always kept in sync when using separate files
  • Better synchronization with WriteRoom/ via SimpleText for Mac
  • Automatic text replacement option added for Snow Leopard
  • Changed the behavior of the application shortcut key to both show and hide
  • Column resizing is more natural
  • Tab key default behavior is more intuitive
  • Command-Left/Right move between title/body fields when cursor is at the start/end
  • New icon by Colin Cody
  • Mac OS X 10.3 Panther is no longer supported
  • Fixed a number of bugs


Simplenote users should not load their NV database in version 2.0β1 as it will remove any synchronization metadata added by 2.0β2.

Notable Changes in Version 2.0β1

  • Fully 64-bit native (thanks to Brian Bergstrand)
  • Added “New Note With Selection” Services menu item
  • Fixed a bug with accent keys in certain keyboard layouts
  • The default encoding for text files is now UTF-8. Notes using the system encoding will be upgraded.
  • Extended attributes are used to provide text encoding hints to QuickLook and TextEdit.
  • The Import menu item command allows using the file creation date as the “Date Added”.
  • Fixed a sorting issue when the sorting column was hidden
  • Deleting part of an auto-completed title will deselect the note.
  • Database file is verified while writing to disk to avoid corruption
  • Command to insert auto-generated passwords into a note
  • Importing of tab-separated-value files (e.g., from Pastor)
  • Now using Sparkle version 1.5b6
  • “Show Bookmarks” menu item toggles to “Hide Bookmarks”
  • Allow option-dragging to copy note files when notes are stored as separate files
  • Many memory leaks fixed

Backwards-incompatible Changes

Running 2.0β1 for the first time renders the database file unreadable by version 2.0β. As such, a copy of the old database file is moved aside for those who wish to downgrade.

Notable Changes in Version 2.0β

  • Option to maintain notes as text files for integrating with Spotlight and/or your favorite text editor
  • More robust and space-efficient database with encrypted, compressed write-ahead logging
  • On-demand mounting of disk images and servers via Alias Manager data
  • Optional AES-256 encryption with variable-strength key derivation
  • Styled text editor supports font-independent formatting, an alternative to “rich text”
  • Partial word-by-word or full-phrase searching
  • Highlighting of found words
  • Multiple-note selections and sorting by different criteria
  • Support for input methods and unicode searching
  • Basic support for code-editing
  • Per-note undo history
  • Importing of additional file types, including the Mac OS X Stickies database
  • “Paste clipboard as new note” command grabs the current web context
  • URL and email address recognition
  • Universal binary
  • Supports Mac OS X 10.3.9 through 10.6
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