Synchronizing notes

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Synchronization by copying files

When synchronizing notes to another computer, be aware that NV 2.0 maintains multiple files inside ~/Library/Application Support/Notational Data/; in addition to Notes & Settings, the directory contains an Interim Note-Changes file that stores updates not yet committed to the database.

As a consequence, the entire Notational Data folder must be included to ensure consistency when synchronizing across copies.

If security is not a concern or a secure medium can be used, synchronization can be more granular if NV is configured to maintain notes as separate files:
Preferences > Notes > Storage > Store and read notes on disk as:
Note, however, that the entire Notational Data folder must still be synchronized.

WriteRoom for iPhone

See Synchronizing with WriteRoom-iPhone via


See Synchronizing with Dropbox.

Using both Dropbox and Simplenote synchronization

Storing notes as separate files in Dropbox while also synchronizing them via Simplenote should never be done, unless only one copy of NV has its notes stored in the Dropbox folder. If two copies of NV sync via both Dropbox and Simplenote, changes will replicate endlessly.

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