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Starting in version 2.0B4, Notational Velocity allows searching for, selecting, and creating notes via a custom URL-handler.

Linking to notes from external applications

  • nv://find/?NV=URI-escaped-base64-encoded-UUID
  • nv://find/?SN=URI-escaped-Simplenote-ID
  • nv://find/URI-escaped-title
  • nv://URI-escaped-title

The last two can also be used to perform general-purpose searches.



This will first perform a search for “bob dobbs”, selecting an existing note if one exists with that title, and then selecting the first note with either a matching Simplenote ID or a matching internal NV UUID. By including all three identifiers, URLs can be portable across computers and note-renaming.

The above syntax is needed only when linking from an external program. If you need to link between notes in Notational Velocity itself, simply type the title of your note inside two [[square brackets]] to create a connection automatically.

Creating notes programmatically from a URL

  • nv://make/?title=URI-escaped-title&html=URI-escaped-HTML-data&tags=URI-escaped-tag-string
  • nv://make/?title=URI-escaped-title&txt=URI-escaped-plain-text
  • nv://make/?txt=URI-escaped-plain-text

The tags and title parameters are optional. Omitting the title will create an automatically-titled note.



This will create a note titled “Name of note” with a body of “new bold note here”, and having the tags “some, tag, names”.

This method above is unnecessary if you’re already using the built-in Services command: Enabling the Services menu item

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