Synchronizing with Dropbox

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  1. Download and install Dropbox
  2. In Notational Velocity, navigate to Preferences > Notes > Storage.
  3. For Store and read notes on disk as:, select an option other than Single Database; e.g., Plain Text Files.
  4. In the Finder, drag your Notational Data folder (by default in ~/Library/Application Support/) to the Dropbox folder in your home directory.
  5. Dropbox will now synchronize your notes across computers.

  1. To access the same notes via Notational Velocity from a different computer, follow steps 1 – 3 above.
  2. Choose Preferences > Notes > Read notes from folder:
  3. Select the Notational Data folder inside your Dropbox folder.

Warning: When also using Simplenote synchronization, only one copy of Notational Velocity should have its notes folder in Dropbox. If two copies of Notational Velocity synchronize via both Dropbox and Simplenote, changes will replicate endlessly.

Dropbox synchronization is redundant if you are already using Simplenote.

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