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defmodule OAuth2Example.AuthController do
use OAuth2Example.Web, :controller
@doc """
This action is reached via `/auth/:provider` and redirects to the OAuth2 provider
based on the chosen strategy.
def index(conn, %{"provider" => provider}) do
redirect conn, external: authorize_url!(provider)
def delete(conn, _params) do
|> put_flash(:info, "You have been logged out!")
|> configure_session(drop: true)
|> redirect(to: "/")
@doc """
This action is reached via `/auth/:provider/callback` is the the callback URL that
the OAuth2 provider will redirect the user back to with a `code` that will
be used to request an access token. The access token will then be used to
access protected resources on behalf of the user.
def callback(conn, %{"provider" => provider, "code" => code}) do
# Exchange an auth code for an access token
client = get_token!(provider, code)
# Request the user's data with the access token
user = get_user!(provider, client)
# Store the user in the session under `:current_user` and redirect to /.
# In most cases, we'd probably just store the user's ID that can be used
# to fetch from the database. In this case, since this example app has no
# database, I'm just storing the user map.
# If you need to make additional resource requests, you may want to store
# the access token as well.
|> put_session(:current_user, user)
|> put_session(:access_token, client.token.access_token)
|> redirect(to: "/")
defp authorize_url!("github"), do: GitHub.authorize_url!
defp authorize_url!("google"), do: Google.authorize_url!(scope: "")
defp authorize_url!("facebook"), do: Facebook.authorize_url!(scope: "user_photos")
defp authorize_url!(_), do: raise "No matching provider available"
defp get_token!("github", code), do: GitHub.get_token!(code: code)
defp get_token!("google", code), do: Google.get_token!(code: code)
defp get_token!("facebook", code), do: Facebook.get_token!(code: code)
defp get_token!(_, _), do: raise "No matching provider available"
defp get_user!("github", client) do
%{body: user} = OAuth2.Client.get!(client, "/user")
%{name: user["name"], avatar: user["avatar_url"]}
defp get_user!("google", client) do
%{body: user} = OAuth2.Client.get!(client, "")
%{name: user["name"], avatar: user["picture"]}
defp get_user!("facebook", client) do
%{body: user} = OAuth2.Client.get!(client, "/me", fields: "id,name")
%{name: user["name"], avatar: "{user["id"]}/picture"}