ScrollOut detects changes in scroll for reveal, parallax, and CSS Variable effects!
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Animate on Scroll

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Why should I use this?

  • Animate or reveal elements as they scroll into view using CSS or JavaScript
  • Super tiny JavaScript library at 1KB minified and gzipped.
  • Free for commercial and non-commercial use under the MIT license.

How do I use it?

Install ScrollOut and decorate elements with the data-scroll attribute. As elements become visible, data-scroll will be set to in and when elements are scrolled out they will be set with out. Add your own CSS or JS to make a big impression when things come into view. That's it!

Getting Started

Check out the documentation.


The core features are compatible on all modern desktop and mobile browsers. Internet Explorer 11 is also supported.


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Christopher Wallis @notoriousb1t @notoriousb1t
Stephen Shaw @shshaw @shshaw


scroll-out is licensed under the MIT license.