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"Default delimiter customisation" doesn't work. #33

zhou13 opened this Issue · 5 comments

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According to document,
let NERD_cpp_alt_style=1
let NERD_c_alt_style=1
to vimrc should switching commenting style. But it doesn't. And I doesn't see any related code in the script.


I ran into this too, and as a short term fix I changed the custom delimiters in my .vimrc (actually .vimrc.before since I'm using janus atm)

let g:NERDCustomDelimiters = {
    \ 'haskell': { 'leftAlt': '{-','rightAlt': '-}', 'left': '-- ', 'right': '' },
\ }

Hello? Can the maintainer give a answer to this question? We can not have a thing described in document but does not exists!


I encountered this problem too. Currently the solution of @zmoazeni is the easiest way to get it working, which isn't exactly pretty.


I also had this issue. Surprising that this has not been addressed by now, though @zmoazeni thankfully has enabled me to fix my short term problem. (And I had precisely the same problem as him; that arrangement should probably be the default for Haskell.)


Confirmed on this issue. It seems the author didn't implement this feature. zmoazeni's workaround works pretty good.

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