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" ============================================================================
" File: NERD_tree.vim
" Maintainer: Martin Grenfell <martin.grenfell at gmail dot com>
" License: This program is free software. It comes without any warranty,
" to the extent permitted by applicable law. You can redistribute
" it and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You
" Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar.
" See for more details.
" ============================================================================
" SECTION: Script init stuff {{{1
if exists("loaded_nerd_tree")
if v:version < 700
echoerr "NERDTree: this plugin requires vim >= 7. DOWNLOAD IT! You'll thank me later!"
let loaded_nerd_tree = 1
"for line continuation - i.e dont want C in &cpo
let s:old_cpo = &cpo
set cpo&vim
"Function: s:initVariable() function {{{2
"This function is used to initialise a given variable to a given value. The
"variable is only initialised if it does not exist prior
"var: the name of the var to be initialised
"value: the value to initialise var to
"1 if the var is set, 0 otherwise
function! s:initVariable(var, value)
if !exists(a:var)
exec 'let ' . a:var . ' = ' . "'" . substitute(a:value, "'", "''", "g") . "'"
return 1
return 0
"SECTION: Init variable calls and other random constants {{{2
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeAutoCenter", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeAutoCenterThreshold", 3)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeCaseSensitiveSort", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeSortHiddenFirst", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeChDirMode", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeCreatePrefix", "silent")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMinimalUI", 0)
if !exists("g:NERDTreeIgnore")
let g:NERDTreeIgnore = ['\~$']
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeBookmarksFile", expand('$HOME') . '/.NERDTreeBookmarks')
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeBookmarksSort", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeHighlightCursorline", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeHijackNetrw", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMouseMode", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeNotificationThreshold", 100)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeQuitOnOpen", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeRespectWildIgnore", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeShowBookmarks", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeShowFiles", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeShowHidden", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeShowLineNumbers", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeSortDirs", 1)
if !nerdtree#runningWindows()
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeDirArrowExpandable", "")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeDirArrowCollapsible", "")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeDirArrowExpandable", "+")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeDirArrowCollapsible", "~")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeCascadeOpenSingleChildDir", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeCascadeSingleChildDir", 1)
if !exists("g:NERDTreeSortOrder")
let g:NERDTreeSortOrder = ['\/$', '*', '\.swp$', '\.bak$', '\~$']
"if there isnt a * in the sort sequence then add one
if count(g:NERDTreeSortOrder, '*') < 1
call add(g:NERDTreeSortOrder, '*')
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeGlyphReadOnly", "RO")
if !exists('g:NERDTreeStatusline')
"the exists() crap here is a hack to stop vim spazzing out when
"loading a session that was created with an open nerd tree. It spazzes
"because it doesnt store b:NERDTree(its a b: var, and its a hash)
let g:NERDTreeStatusline = "%{exists('b:NERDTree')?b:NERDTree.root.path.str():''}"
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeWinPos", "left")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeWinSize", 31)
"init the shell commands that will be used to copy nodes, and remove dir trees
"Note: the space after the command is important
if nerdtree#runningWindows()
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeRemoveDirCmd", 'rmdir /s /q ')
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeCopyDirCmd", 'xcopy /s /e /i /y /q ')
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeCopyFileCmd", 'copy /y ')
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeRemoveDirCmd", 'rm -rf ')
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeCopyCmd", 'cp -r ')
"SECTION: Init variable calls for key mappings {{{2
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapActivateNode", "o")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapChangeRoot", "C")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapChdir", "cd")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapCloseChildren", "X")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapCloseDir", "x")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapDeleteBookmark", "D")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapMenu", "m")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapHelp", "?")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapJumpFirstChild", "K")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapJumpLastChild", "J")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapJumpNextSibling", "<C-j>")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapJumpParent", "p")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapJumpPrevSibling", "<C-k>")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapJumpRoot", "P")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapOpenExpl", "e")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapOpenInTab", "t")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapOpenInTabSilent", "T")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapOpenRecursively", "O")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapOpenSplit", "i")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapOpenVSplit", "s")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapPreview", "g" . NERDTreeMapActivateNode)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapPreviewSplit", "g" . NERDTreeMapOpenSplit)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapPreviewVSplit", "g" . NERDTreeMapOpenVSplit)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapQuit", "q")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapRefresh", "r")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapRefreshRoot", "R")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapToggleBookmarks", "B")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapToggleFiles", "F")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapToggleFilters", "f")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapToggleHidden", "I")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapToggleZoom", "A")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapUpdir", "u")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapUpdirKeepOpen", "U")
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeMapCWD", "CD")
"SECTION: Load class files{{{2
call nerdtree#loadClassFiles()
" SECTION: Commands {{{1
call nerdtree#ui_glue#setupCommands()
" SECTION: Auto commands {{{1
augroup NERDTree
"Save the cursor position whenever we close the nerd tree
exec "autocmd BufLeave ". g:NERDTreeCreator.BufNamePrefix() ."* if g:NERDTree.IsOpen() | call b:NERDTree.ui.saveScreenState() | endif"
"disallow insert mode in the NERDTree
exec "autocmd BufEnter ". g:NERDTreeCreator.BufNamePrefix() ."* stopinsert"
augroup END
if g:NERDTreeHijackNetrw
augroup NERDTreeHijackNetrw
autocmd VimEnter * silent! autocmd! FileExplorer
au BufEnter,VimEnter * call nerdtree#checkForBrowse(expand("<amatch>"))
augroup END
" SECTION: Public API {{{1
function! NERDTreeAddMenuItem(options)
call g:NERDTreeMenuItem.Create(a:options)
function! NERDTreeAddMenuSeparator(...)
let opts = a:0 ? a:1 : {}
call g:NERDTreeMenuItem.CreateSeparator(opts)
function! NERDTreeAddSubmenu(options)
return g:NERDTreeMenuItem.Create(a:options)
function! NERDTreeAddKeyMap(options)
call g:NERDTreeKeyMap.Create(a:options)
function! NERDTreeRender()
call nerdtree#renderView()
function! NERDTreeFocus()
if g:NERDTree.IsOpen()
call g:NERDTree.CursorToTreeWin()
call g:NERDTreeCreator.ToggleTabTree("")
function! NERDTreeCWD()
call NERDTreeFocus()
call nerdtree#ui_glue#chRootCwd()
function! NERDTreeAddPathFilter(callback)
call g:NERDTree.AddPathFilter(a:callback)
" SECTION: Post Source Actions {{{1
call nerdtree#postSourceActions()
"reset &cpo back to users setting
let &cpo = s:old_cpo
" vim: set sw=4 sts=4 et fdm=marker: