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map <cr> to the default o mapping (again)

this was broken in one of the recent "epic refactor" commits
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1 parent e5682d3 commit 20f7ab8adec793db96e551de742f7b4f04f4bcd5 @scrooloose committed Jan 11, 2012
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4 plugin/NERD_tree.vim
@@ -2864,7 +2864,6 @@ function! s:createDefaultBindings()
call NERDTreeAddKeyMap({ 'key': g:NERDTreeMapActivateNode, 'scope': "FileNode", 'callback': s."activateFileNode" })
call NERDTreeAddKeyMap({ 'key': g:NERDTreeMapActivateNode, 'scope': "Bookmark", 'callback': s."activateBookmark" })
call NERDTreeAddKeyMap({ 'key': g:NERDTreeMapActivateNode, 'scope': "all", 'callback': s."activateAll" })
- exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> <cr> :call <SID>KeyMap_Invoke('". g:NERDTreeMapActivateNode ."')<cr>"
call NERDTreeAddKeyMap({ 'key': g:NERDTreeMapOpenSplit, 'scope': "Node", 'callback': s."openHSplit" })
call NERDTreeAddKeyMap({ 'key': g:NERDTreeMapOpenVSplit, 'scope': "Node", 'callback': s."openVSplit" })
@@ -3942,6 +3941,9 @@ endfunction
"FUNCTION: s:bindMappings() {{{2
function! s:bindMappings()
+ "make <cr> do the same as the default 'o' mapping
+ exec "nnoremap <silent> <buffer> <cr> :call <SID>KeyMap_Invoke('". g:NERDTreeMapActivateNode ."')<cr>"
aerosol Jan 21, 2012

Looks like the side effect now is that file selected with <CR> is printed out twice.

call s:KeyMap.BindAll()
command! -buffer -nargs=? Bookmark :call <SID>bookmarkNode('<args>')

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