VIM 7.0 Doesn't Work with NERDTree Any More #182

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After upgrade to the latest version of NERDTree, it doesn't work with vim 7.0.237 (which is shipped with RHEL / CentOS 5) any more. Error log show as:

Error detected while processing function 15_toggle..15_initNerdTree..1
line 7:
E118: Too many arguments for function: globpath
E15: Invalid expression: globpath(globDir, '',1) . "\n" . globpath(globDir, '.


Getting this on CentOS 5 as well.


Until this is resolved, resetting to this commit has things working again for me:

git reset --hard cdb31d423c996db298db57d69999f7c899188c9d

Same issue here. Thanks @diffsky for the workaround.


@diffsky Thanks

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