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adds a BeforeRender hook and prefix and suffix hooks to Path display strings references #153 #157

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This is the first thing I've ever done in Vimscript, so while I tried to stick to the style you used, sorry if there are a few places where I didn't and will gladly fix. I also had a bit of trouble choosing names for things, but went with a plugin: prefix for the functions. I am totally willing to do more, if you have more of a roadmap for hooks to add for example, please let me know.

Example usage

While the plugin is not completely finished. An example of how I'm using it is up at


Hi @scrooloose , will you have time to try to merge this request ? :) Thx !


I've realized since I've submitted that the way I did it was pretty bad - it only allows for one nerdtree plugin to implement a prefix or suffix along with naming convention being all over the place. I think I've got a solution, and will be updating the pull request here as soon as I get the chance (and learn the relevant parts of vimscript).


yay \o\ \o/ /o/ I'm waiting for this feature :-D

@swerner swerner closed this
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  1. +15 −0 plugin/NERD_tree.vim
15 plugin/NERD_tree.vim
@@ -69,6 +69,9 @@ call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeShowHidden", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeShowLineNumbers", 0)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeSortDirs", 1)
call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeDirArrows", !s:running_windows)
+call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreePrefix", 0)
+call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeSuffix", 0)
+call s:initVariable("g:NERDTreeBeforeRender", 0)
if !exists("g:NERDTreeSortOrder")
let g:NERDTreeSortOrder = ['\/$', '*', '\.swp$', '\.bak$', '\~$']
@@ -2174,6 +2177,14 @@ function! s:Path.cacheDisplayString()
let self.cachedDisplayString = self.cachedDisplayString . '*'
+ if g:NERDTreePrefix
+ let self.cachedDisplayString = plugin:NERDTreePrefix(self) . self.cachedDisplayString
+ endif
+ if g:NERDTreeSuffix
+ let self.cachedDisplayString .= plugin:NERDTreeSuffix(self)
+ endif
let self._bookmarkNames = []
for i in s:Bookmark.Bookmarks()
if i.path.equals(self)
@@ -3734,6 +3745,10 @@ endfunction
function! s:renderView()
setlocal modifiable
+ if g:NERDTreeBeforeRender
+ call plugin:NERDTreeBeforeRender()
+ endif
"remember the top line of the buffer and the current line so we can
"restore the view exactly how it was
let curLine = line(".")
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