Add a NERDTreeCWD command to change tree root to CWD #204

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  • Map key bindings CD to this functionality in NERD tree window
  • Add a NERDTreeCWD command and a NERDTreeCWD() publich function
  • Update the DOC and the help information
@scrooloose scrooloose merged commit 1dc3891 into scrooloose:master Nov 12, 2012

I was going to say that this can easily be done by simply calling :NERDTree but that would create another buffer - which would mess up your nerdtree mirrors


Calling 'NERDTree' for the first time, it does open in the current directory,but after closing and opening it again, it will just using the existed NERD tree which probably not using current directory as root.

Let's say I opened several tabs and use NERDTreeMirror in each tab to make sure I am using only one NERD tree.

If I want change the NERDTree to the the current directory, calling 'NERDTree' would close the mirrored NERDTree window and create a new one which is not what I want. My orignal motive was explained in my answer of Vim: How to synchronize NERDTree with current opened tab file path? at StackExchange network.

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