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"File: c.vim
"Description: Syntax checking plugin for syntastic.vim
"Maintainer: Gregor Uhlenheuer <kongo2002 at gmail dot com>
"License: This program is free software. It comes without any warranty,
" to the extent permitted by applicable law. You can redistribute
" it and/or modify it under the terms of the Do What The Fuck You
" Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar.
" See for more details.
" In order to also check header files add this to your .vimrc:
" (this usually creates a .gch file in your source directory)
" let g:syntastic_c_check_header = 1
" To disable the search of included header files after special
" libraries like gtk and glib add this line to your .vimrc:
" let g:syntastic_c_no_include_search = 1
" To enable header files being re-checked on every file write add the
" following line to your .vimrc. Otherwise the header files are checked only
" one time on initially loading the file.
" In order to force syntastic to refresh the header includes simply
" unlet b:syntastic_c_includes. Then the header files are being re-checked on
" the next file write.
" let g:syntastic_c_auto_refresh_includes = 1
" Alternatively you can set the buffer local variable b:syntastic_c_cflags.
" If this variable is set for the current buffer no search for additional
" libraries is done. I.e. set the variable like this:
" let b:syntastic_c_cflags = ' -I/usr/include/libsoup-2.4'
" In order to add some custom include directories that should be added to the
" gcc command line you can add those to the global variable
" g:syntastic_c_include_dirs. This list can be used like this:
" let g:syntastic_c_include_dirs = [ 'includes', 'headers' ]
" Moreover it is possible to add additional compiler options to the syntax
" checking execution via the variable 'g:syntastic_c_compiler_options':
" let g:syntastic_c_compiler_options = ' -ansi'
" Additionally the setting 'g:syntastic_c_config_file' allows you to define a
" file that contains additional compiler arguments like include directories or
" CFLAGS. The file is expected to contain one option per line. If none is
" given the filename defaults to '.syntastic_c_config':
" let g:syntastic_c_config_file = '.config'
" Using the global variable 'g:syntastic_c_remove_include_errors' you can
" specify whether errors of files included via the g:syntastic_c_include_dirs'
" setting are removed from the result set:
" let g:syntastic_c_remove_include_errors = 1
" Use the variable 'g:syntastic_c_errorformat' to override the default error
" format:
" let g:syntastic_c_errorformat = '%f:%l:%c: %trror: %m'
if exists('loaded_c_syntax_checker')
let loaded_c_syntax_checker = 1
if !executable('gcc')
let s:save_cpo = &cpo
set cpo&vim
if !exists('g:syntastic_c_compiler_options')
let g:syntastic_c_compiler_options = '-std=gnu99'
if !exists('g:syntastic_c_config_file')
let g:syntastic_c_config_file = '.syntastic_c_config'
function! SyntaxCheckers_c_GetLocList()
let makeprg = 'gcc -fsyntax-only '
let errorformat = '%-G%f:%s:,%-G%f:%l: %#error: %#(Each undeclared '.
\ 'identifier is reported only%.%#,%-G%f:%l: %#error: %#for '.
\ 'each function it appears%.%#,%-GIn file included%.%#,'.
\ '%-G %#from %f:%l\,,%f:%l:%c: %trror: %m,%f:%l:%c: '.
\ '%tarning: %m,%f:%l:%c: %m,%f:%l: %trror: %m,'.
\ '%f:%l: %tarning: %m,%f:%l: %m'
if exists('g:syntastic_c_errorformat')
let errorformat = g:syntastic_c_errorformat
" add optional user-defined compiler options
let makeprg .= g:syntastic_c_compiler_options
let makeprg .= ' '.shellescape(expand('%')).
\ ' '.syntastic#c#GetIncludeDirs('c')
" determine whether to parse header files as well
if expand('%') =~? '.h$'
if exists('g:syntastic_c_check_header')
let makeprg = 'gcc -c '.shellescape(expand('%')).
\ ' '.syntastic#c#GetIncludeDirs('c')
return []
" check if the user manually set some cflags
if !exists('b:syntastic_c_cflags')
" check whether to search for include files at all
if !exists('g:syntastic_c_no_include_search') ||
\ g:syntastic_c_no_include_search != 1
" refresh the include file search if desired
if exists('g:syntastic_c_auto_refresh_includes') &&
\ g:syntastic_c_auto_refresh_includes != 0
let makeprg .= syntastic#c#SearchHeaders()
" search for header includes if not cached already
if !exists('b:syntastic_c_includes')
let b:syntastic_c_includes = syntastic#c#SearchHeaders()
let makeprg .= b:syntastic_c_includes
" use the user-defined cflags
let makeprg .= b:syntastic_c_cflags
" add optional config file parameters
let makeprg .= ' '.syntastic#c#ReadConfig(g:syntastic_c_config_file)
" process makeprg
let errors = SyntasticMake({ 'makeprg': makeprg,
\ 'errorformat': errorformat })
" filter the processed errors if desired
if exists('g:syntastic_c_remove_include_errors') &&
\ g:syntastic_c_remove_include_errors != 0
return filter(errors,
\ 'has_key(v:val, "bufnr") && v:val["bufnr"]=='.bufnr(''))
return errors
let &cpo = s:save_cpo
unlet s:save_cpo
" vim: set et sts=4 sw=4:
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