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improve python flake8 error/warn detection #340

sethwoodworth opened this Issue September 04, 2012 · 2 comments

2 participants

Seth Woodworth Martin Grenfell
Seth Woodworth

AFAICT, all the syntastic implementation of flake8 return errors and warnings as errors. Flake8's error code starts with an E or W for error or waring. From what I see from the improved pylint changes, it seems that the regex to do this already exists in the pylint syntax checker. Also of use might be vim-flake8's errorformat string.

Seth Woodworth

Or, I could just use pylint with syntastic. Everything works and is awesome!

Martin Grenfell

FWIW, this was addressed here 9504f52

Martin Grenfell scrooloose closed this November 21, 2012
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