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Rewrite the install to include the pathogen install steps #336

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Currently your docs assume a lot about the vim user's prior knowledge. This rewrite just puts all the steps needed in one spot and then explains potential pitfalls and how to fix them.

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Sweet, cheers :)

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-[pathogen.vim]( is the recommended way to install syntastic.
+Installing syntastic is easy but first you need to have the pathogen plugin installed. If you already
+have pathogen working then skip Step 1 and go to Step 2.
+Step 1: Install pathogen.vim
+First I'll show you how to install tpope's [pathogen.vim]( so that
+it's easy to install syntastic. Do this in your Terminal so that you get the pathogen.vim file
+and the directories it needs:
+ mkdir -p ~/.vim/autoload ~/.vim/bundle; \
+ curl -so ~/.vim/autoload/pathogen.vim \
+Next you *need to add this* to your ~/.vimrc:
+ call pathogen#infect()
+Step 2: Install syntastic as a pathogen bundle
+You now have pathogen installed and can put syntastic into ~/.vim/bundle like this:
cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone
-Then reload vim, run `:Helptags`, and check out `:help syntastic.txt`.
+Quit vim and start it back up to reload it, then type:
+ :Helptags
+If you get an error when you do this, then you probably didn't install pathogen right. Go back to
+step 1 and make sure you did the following:
+1. Created both the ~/.vim/autoload and ~/.vim/bundle directories.
+2. Added the "call pathogen#infect()" line to your ~/.vimrc file
+3. Did the git clone of syntastic inside ~/.vim/bundle
+4. Have permissions to access all of these directories.
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