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" ------------------------------------------------------------------
" Filename: synic.vim
" Last Modified: May, 14 2007 (10:47)
" Maintainer: Adam Olsen (
" Copyright: 2007 Adam Olsen
" This script is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
" modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
" published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of
" the License, or (at your option) any later version.
" Description: Vim colorscheme file.
" Install: Put this file in the users colors directory (~/.vim/colors)
" then load it with :colorscheme synic
" ------------------------------------------------------------------
"" I believe this colorscheme is based off of Hans
"" Fugal's colorscheme "desert".
"" I might be wrong on this... if it looks like it was based off
"" of your colorscheme, let me know so I can give you credits.
set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name = "synic"
hi Normal guifg=ivory guibg=Black
hi TabLineFill guifg=#272d2f guibg=#272d2f gui=None
hi TabLine guifg=MistyRose3 guibg=#272d2f gui=None
hi TabLineSel guifg=LightBlue3 guibg=#272d2f gui=None
hi ErrorMsg gui=NONE guifg=Red guibg=Linen
hi IncSearch gui=NONE guibg=LightGreen guifg=Black
hi ModeMsg gui=NONE guifg=fg guibg=bg
hi StatusLine gui=NONE guifg=LightBlue3 guibg=#272d2f
hi StatusLineNC gui=NONE guifg=MistyRose3 guibg=#272d2f
hi VertSplit gui=NONE guifg=LightBlue4 guibg=Black
hi Visual gui=reverse guifg=LightBlue4 guibg=Black
hi VisualNOS gui=underline guifg=fg guibg=bg
hi DiffText gui=NONE guifg=Yellow guibg=LightSkyBlue4
hi Cursor guibg=Lavender guifg=Black
hi lCursor guibg=Lavender guifg=Black
hi Directory guifg=LightGreen guibg=bg
hi LineNr guifg=LightBlue3 guibg=bg
hi MoreMsg gui=NONE guifg=SeaGreen guibg=bg
hi NonText gui=NONE guifg=Cyan4 guibg=Black
hi Question gui=NONE guifg=LimeGreen guibg=bg
hi Search gui=NONE guifg=SkyBlue4 guibg=Bisque
hi SpecialKey guifg=Cyan guibg=bg
hi Title gui=NONE guifg=Yellow2 guibg=bg
hi WarningMsg guifg=Tomato3 guibg=Black
hi WildMenu gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=SkyBlue4
hi Folded guifg=#f4aba2 guibg=bg
hi FoldColumn guifg=DarkBlue guibg=Grey
hi DiffAdd gui=NONE guifg=Blue guibg=LightCyan
hi DiffChange gui=NONE guifg=white guibg=LightCyan4
hi DiffDelete gui=None guifg=LightBlue guibg=LightCyan
hi Constant gui=NONE guifg=MistyRose3 guibg=bg
hi String gui=NONE guifg=LightBlue3 guibg=bg
hi Special gui=NONE guifg=GoldenRod guibg=bg
hi Statement gui=NONE guifg=khaki guibg=bg
hi Operator gui=NONE guifg=#8673e8 guibg=bg
hi Ignore gui=NONE guifg=bg guibg=bg
hi ToDo gui=NONE guifg=DodgerBlue guibg=bg
hi Error gui=NONE guifg=Red guibg=Linen
hi Comment gui=NONE guifg=SlateGrey guibg=bg
hi Comment gui=NONE guifg=#62c600 guibg=bg
hi Identifier gui=bold guifg=LightBlue4 guibg=bg
hi PreProc gui=NONE guifg=#ffa0a0 guibg=bg
hi Type gui=NONE guifg=NavajoWhite guibg=bg
hi Underlined gui=underline guifg=fg guibg=bg
" vim: sw=2
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