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" Vim color file
" Maintainer:
" Last Change: 5 June 2002
" cool help screens
" :he group-name
" :he highlight-groups
" :he cterm-colors
set background=dark
hi clear
if exists("syntax_on")
syntax reset
let g:colors_name="xemacs"
hi Normal guibg=#cdcecd guifg=black
hi Cursor guibg=red guifg=grey gui=bold
hi VertSplit guibg=grey60 guifg=black gui=none
hi Folded guibg=royalblue3 guifg=white
hi FoldColumn guibg=royalblue4 guifg=white
hi ModeMsg guifg=#cdcecd guibg=black
hi MoreMsg guifg=#cdcecd guibg=black
hi NonText guifg=black guibg=#cdcecd gui=none
hi Question guifg=black
hi Search guibg=#aceeee
hi SpecialKey guifg=navyblue
hi Special guifg=navyblue
hi StatusLine guibg=#b7b7b7 guifg=black gui=none
hi StatusLineNC guibg=#a6b7b7 guifg=black gui=none
hi Title guifg=bisque3
hi Subtitle guifg=black
hi Visual guibg=#a4a5a3 guifg=black gui=none
hi WarningMsg guibg=#cdcecd guifg=black gui=bold
hi Comment guifg=#00008b
hi Constant guifg=#008900
hi Identifier guibg=#cdcecd guifg=black
hi Statement guifg=royalblue4
hi PreProc guifg=#0000cd
hi Type guifg=#4a81b4 gui=NONE
hi Ignore guifg=grey29
hi Todo guibg=gold guifg=black
hi WildMenu guibg=#b7b7b7 guibg=grey91
hi Directory guibg=#cdcecd guifg=navyblue
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