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make the statusline own harder

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1 parent 28dcbf3 commit 03cf502e9ef317b841063febaa84b813fddc25fc @scrooloose committed Oct 28, 2008
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@@ -17,15 +17,50 @@ set hlsearch "hilight searches by default
set nowrap "dont wrap lines
set linebreak "wrap lines at convenient points
+"Add the variable with the name a:varName to the statusline. Highlight it as
+"'error' unless its value is in a:goodValues (a comma separated string)
+function! AddStatuslineFlag(varName, goodValues)
+ set statusline+=[
+ set statusline+=%#error#
+ exec "set statusline+=%{RenderStlFlag(".a:varName.",'".a:goodValues."',1)}"
+ set statusline+=%*
+ exec "set statusline+=%{RenderStlFlag(".a:varName.",'".a:goodValues."',0)}"
+ set statusline+=]
+"returns a:value or ''
+"a:goodValues is a comma separated string of values that shouldn't be
+"highlighted with the error group
+"a:error indicates whether the string that is returned will be highlighted as
+function! RenderStlFlag(value, goodValues, error)
+ let goodValues = split(a:goodValues, ',')
+ let good = index(goodValues, a:value) != -1
+ if (a:error && !good) || (!a:error && good)
+ return a:value
+ else
+ return ''
+ endif
"statusline setup
set statusline=%t "tail of the filename
-set statusline+=[%{strlen(&fenc)?&fenc:'none'}, "file encoding
-set statusline+=%{&ff}] "file format
+call AddStatuslineFlag('&ff', 'unix') "fileformat
+call AddStatuslineFlag('&fenc', 'utf-8') "file encoding
set statusline+=%h "help file flag
set statusline+=%m "modified flag
set statusline+=%r "read only flag
set statusline+=%y "filetype
set statusline+=[%{StatuslineCurrentHighlight()}]
+"display a warning if we shouldnt have &et set
+set statusline+=%#error#
+set statusline+=%{StatuslineTabWarning()}
+set statusline+=%*
set statusline+=%= "left/right separator
set statusline+=%c, "cursor column
set statusline+=%l/%L "cursor line/total lines
@@ -41,6 +76,18 @@ function! StatuslineCurrentHighlight()
return name
+"return '[&et]' if leading tabs are found and &et is set
+function! StatuslineTabWarning()
+ if !exists("b:statusline_tabs_found")
+ let b:statusline_tabs_found = search('^\t', 'nw') != 0
+ endif
+ if b:statusline_tabs_found && &expandtab
+ return '[&et]'
+ endif
+ return ''
"indent settings
set shiftwidth=4
set softtabstop=4
@@ -144,7 +191,7 @@ command! -nargs=0 Lorem :normal iLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur
"define :HighlightExcessColumns command to highlight the offending parts of
"lines that are "too long". where "too long" is defined by &textwidth or an
-"arg passed to the command
+"arg passed to the command
command! -nargs=? HighlightExcessColumns call s:HighlightExcessColumns('<args>')
function! s:HighlightExcessColumns(width)
let targetWidth = a:width != '' ? a:width : &textwidth

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