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error highlight display the [paste] flag

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scrooloose committed Nov 19, 2008
1 parent 51ed70a commit 07d5ca1eaf8f1f26aba7534e7372410ff3202a56
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@@ -59,7 +59,12 @@ set statusline+=%{StatuslineTabWarning()}
set statusline+=%*
set statusline+=%{StatuslineTrailingSpaceWarning()}
-set statusline+=%{&paste?'[paste]':''} "warn if paste is set
+"display a warning if &paste is set
+set statusline+=%#error#
+set statusline+=%{&paste?'[paste]':''}
+set statusline+=%*
set statusline+=%= "left/right separator
set statusline+=%{StatuslineCurrentHighlight()}\ \ "current highlight
set statusline+=%c, "cursor column

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