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Osmpbf is a Java/C library to read and write OpenStreetMap PBF files.
PBF (Protocol buffer Binary Format) is a binary file format for OpenStreetMap
data that uses Google Protocol Buffers as low-level storage.

For more information see .

Java Version

To build the osmpbf.jar file run:

For a Java usage example, see

C Version

To compile:
  make -C src

To install:
  make -C src install

There is a tool named osmpbf-outline that shows a debug output of the contents
of a PBF file. To compile it:
  make -C tools

Using the C Library

To include in your program use:

#include <osmpbf/osmpbf.h>

and link with:
    -pthread -lz -lprotobuf-lite -losmpbf

Debian/Ubuntu Packages

To build the Debian/Ubuntu packages:
  debuild -I -us -uc

To install the Debian/Ubuntu packages:
  sudo dpkg --install ../libosmpbf-dev_*.deb
  sudo dpkg --install ../libosmpbf-java_*.deb
  sudo dpkg --install ../osmpbf-bin_*.deb

To clean up after:

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