Powershell module for Google / G Suite API calls wrapped in handy functions. Authentication is established using a service account via P12 key to negate the consent popup and allow for greater handsoff automation capabilities
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PSGSuite 2.0.0 released!

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Check out the GitHub wiki for PSGSuite for help with setting up as well as full function help!


Interested in helping out with PSGSuite development? Please check out our Contribution Guidelines!

Building the module locally to test changes is as easy as running the build.ps1 file in the root of the repo. This will compile the module with your changes and import the newly compiled module at the end by default.

Want to run the Pester tests locally? Pass Test as the value to the Task script parameter like so:

.\build.ps1 -Task Test

Code of Conduct

Please adhere to our Code of Conduct when interacting with this repo.


Apache 2.0



2.0.0 - Changes

New Functionality

  • PowerShell Core support for cross-platform functionality
  • P12 Keys (service accounts) and client_secrets.json (OAuth) are both now supported
  • All Drive functions now support Team Drives
  • Get-GSGmailMessage can now save message attachments to a local path
  • File uploads to Drive are now supported (including recursive folder uploads!)

Breaking Changes in 2.0.0

Gmail Delegation Management Removed

The Gmail API does not yet support handling inbox delegation. The functionality addition has been pushed back again until Q3 of 2018. Once the Gmail API supports inbox delegation, those functions will be added.

Delegation functions have been re-added to PSGSuite as of v2.4.0! Update now to get all the goodness of v2 + delegation commands!

Functions Removed

Please note that not all functions were ported to PSGSuite 2.0.0 due to restrictions within the .NET SDK and deprecated API calls. Here is the list of functions no longer existing in PSGSuite as of 2.0.0:

  • Get-GSToken: no need for this as the keys are being consumed by Googles Auth SDK directly now, which makes Access/Refresh tokens non-existent for P12 Key service accounts and token management is handled automatically
  • Revoke-GSToken: same here, no longer needed due to auth service changes
  • Start-PSGSuiteConfigWizard: no longer supported as WPF is not compatible outside of Windows

Functions Aliased

All other functions are either intact or have an alias included to support backwards compatibility in scripts. Full list of aliases:

Alias                             Maps To
-----                             -------
Add-GSDriveFilePermissions        Add-GSDrivePermission
Export-PSGSuiteConfiguration      Set-PSGSuiteConfig
Get-GSCalendarEventList           Get-GSCalendarEvent
Get-GSCalendarResourceList        Get-GSResourceList
Get-GSDataTransferApplicationList Get-GSDataTransferApplication
Get-GSDriveFileInfo               Get-GSDriveFile
Get-GSDriveFilePermissionsList    Get-GSDrivePermission
Get-GSGmailFilterList             Get-GSGmailFilter
Get-GSGmailLabelList              Get-GSGmailLabel
Get-GSGmailMessageInfo            Get-GmailMessage
Get-GSGroupList                   Get-GSGroup
Get-GSGroupMemberList             Get-GSGroupMember
Get-GSMobileDeviceList            Get-GSMobileDevice
Get-GSOrganizationalUnitList      Get-GSOrganizationalUnit
Get-GSOrgUnit                     Get-GSOrganizationalUnit
Get-GSOrgUnitList                 Get-GSOrganizationalUnit
Get-GSOU                          Get-GSOrganizationalUnit
Get-GSResourceList                Get-GSResource
Get-GSShortURLInfo                Get-GSShortURL
Get-GSTeamDrivesList              Get-GSTeamDrive
Get-GSUserASPList                 Get-GSUserASP
Get-GSUserLicenseInfo             Get-GSUserLicense
Get-GSUserLicenseList             Get-GSUserLicense
Get-GSUserList                    Get-GSUser
Get-GSUserSchemaInfo              Get-GSUserSchema
Get-GSUserSchemaList              Get-GSUserSchema
Get-GSUserTokenList               Get-GSUserToken
Import-PSGSuiteConfiguration      Get-PSGSuiteConfig
Move-GSGmailMessageToTrash        Remove-GSGmailMessage
New-GSCalendarResource            New-GSResource
Remove-GSGmailMessageFromTrash    Restore-GSGmailMessage
Set-PSGSuiteDefaultDomain         Switch-PSGSuiteConfig
Switch-PSGSuiteDomain             Switch-PSGSuiteConfig
Update-GSCalendarResource         Update-GSResource
Update-GSSheetValue               Export-GSSheet

Most recent changes


  • Issue #120
    • Added: Update-GSMobileDevice to allow taking action on Mobile Devices
    • Fixed: Bug in Remove-GSMobileDevice with incorrect variable name


  • Issue #121
    • Added: Update-GSGroupMember to allow setting a group member's Role and/or DeliverySettings
  • Miscellaneous
    • Added: GitHub release automation to deploy task
    • Added: Twitter update automation on new version release to deploy task


  • Issue #115
    • Renamed: Get-GSCalendarEventList to Get-GSCalendarEvent and set the original name as an exported Alias to the new name for backwards compatibility.
    • Added: EventId parameter to Get-GSCalendarEvent to specify individual event ID's to get instead of a filtered list.
    • Added: PrivateExtendedProperty parameter to Get-GSCalendarEvent.
    • Added: SharedExtendedProperty parameter to Get-GSCalendarEvent.
    • Added: PrivateExtendedProperties parameter to New-GSCalendarEvent and Update-GSCalendarEvent.
    • Added: SharedExtendedProperties parameter to New-GSCalendarEvent and Update-GSCalendarEvent.
    • Added: ExtendedProperties parameter to New-GSCalendarEvent and Update-GSCalendarEvent.
    • Added: Id parameter to New-GSCalendarEvent and Update-GSCalendarEvent.
  • Issue #117
    • Fixed: Type error on States parameter of Get-GSStudentGuardianInvitation.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated Contributing doc with new Build script steps
    • Removed DebugMode.ps1 script since it's no longer needed (use build.ps1 instead)


  • PR #113
    • Added: Add-GSUserEmail to support the Emails property. - Thanks, @sguilbault-sherweb!
    • Updated: Add-GSUser and Update-GSUser to implement the newly supported Emails property. - Thanks, @sguilbault-sherweb!
    • Fixed: Removed if ($PSCmdlet.ParameterSetName -eq 'Get') from New-GSAdminRoleAssignment that was making the cmdlet fail. - Thanks, @sguilbault-sherweb!
    • Fixed: New-GSAdminRoleAssignment help section rewrite. (The help of this function was a copy of the Get-GSAdminRoleAssignment cmdlet) - Thanks, @sguilbault-sherweb!


  • Issue #87
    • Added: Additional scopes during Service creation for Get-GSCourseParticipant and Get-GSClassroomUserProfile to enable pulling of full user profile information. - Thanks, @jdstanberry!
  • Issue #111
    • Added: DisableReminder switch parameter to New-GSCalendarEvent and Update-GSCalendarEvent to remove Reminder inheritance from the calendar the event is on as well as any Reminder overload definitions.
  • Issue #53
    • Updated: Get-GSContactList and Remove-GSContact Token retrieval and overall cleanup
  • Various/Other
    • Updated: Get-GSToken to align parameters more with New-GoogleService


  • Issue #87
    • Added: Get-GSCourseParticipant and Get-GSClassroomUserProfile now have the Fields parameter
    • Added: Sync-GSUserCache to create a hashtable of users for quick lookups throughout scripts
  • Issue #53 via PR #108 - Thanks, @dwrusse!
    • Added: Get-GSContactList
    • Added: Remove-GSContact
  • Other additions via PR #108 - Thanks, @dwrusse!
    • Added: Remove-GSCalendarEvent
    • Added: New-GSGmailLabel
    • Added: Remove-GSGmailLabel


  • Issue #103
    • Fixed: SendNotificationEmail is now correctly defaulting to $false, but attempting to actually send the notification email results in an error. This is now corrected.


  • Validated deployment via Azure Pipelines


  • Issue #102
    • Fixed: $EncryptionKey PSM1 parameter now stores the AES key correctly so SecureStrings are encrypted/decrypted as intended.
  • Issue #103
    • Updated: SendNotificationEmail parameter on Add-GSDrivePermission defaults to false for all User & Group permissions that are not ownership transfers.
    • Updated: Documentation for SendNotificationEmail parameter on Add-GSDrivePermission for clarity towards default Google API parameter values.
  • Moved: Get-GSToken and New-GoogleService to Public functions under the Authentication section
  • Added: More unit testing for Get-GSUser
  • Updated: psake build script


  • Fixed: Module deployment segment in psake script deploying decompiled/broken module


  • Updated: Build script to compile module into a single PSM1 file for cleanliness and loading speed improvements


  • Issue #96
    • Updated the following on Get-GSGroup:
      • Set default scope to Customer so that getting the list of groups expectedly gets all of them, not just the ones in your primary domain
      • Added Domain parameter to specify which domain to list groups from your customer account
      • Added Filter parameter to only list groups matching the Group query syntax
      • Moved the Get-GSGroupListPrivate private function into the body of Get-GSGroup for error clarity
  • Others:
    • Moved the Get-GSUserListPrivate private function into the body of Get-GSUser for error clarity
    • Improved error handling for User and Message List functions when there are no results.


  • Issue #87
    • Fixed Add-GSCourseParticipant error: "Cannot convert the "student@uni.edu" value of type "System.String" to type "Google.Apis.Classroom.v1.Data.Student"."
    • Set $request.Fields = "*" for Get-GSCourseParticipant and Get-GSClassroomUserProfile to return all available fields for the Profile, including EmailAddress
  • Issue #93
    • Added: MaxToModify parameter to Remove-GSGmailMessage and Update-GSGmailMessageLabels in the Filter parameter set to prevent removing/updating more messages than expected when using a filter to gather the list of messages to update.
  • Added: Id alias for User parameter on Get-GSUser for better pipeline support


  • Pull Request #94 Thanks, @dwrusse!
    • Added Update-GSGmailLabel to enable updating of Gmail label properties
    • Added Update-GSGmailMessageLabel enable updating of labels attached to Gmail messages
  • Issue #93
    • Updated Remove-GSGmailMessage to include a -Filter parameter to allow removal of messages matching a filter in a single command
    • Improved pipeline support for Remove-GSGmailMessage


  • Issue #87
    • Added User parameter to all Classroom functions to specify which user to authenticate the request as
  • Issue #90
    • Added Update-GSUserPhoto
    • Added Remove-GSUserPhoto


  • Updated Gmail Delegation functions to use the .NET SDK after Google announced delegation support for the Gmail API
  • Cleaned up Get-GSGmailDelegates by removing the trailing s (now Get-GSGmailDelegate). Added the original function as an alias to the new function for backwards compatibility with scripts.
  • Removed the Raw parameter from Get-GSGmailDelegate since it's no longer applicable.
  • Enabled Get-GSGmailDelegate to perform both Get and List requests (previously only performed List requests)


  • Issue #87
    • Removed Add-Member calls from Get-GSCourseParticipant to resolve item 3 on issue
    • Cleaned up CourseStates parameter on Get-GSCourse to validate against the Enum directly and removed the default parameter value to resolve item 2 on issue
    • Cleaned up State parameter on Get-GSStudentGuardianInvitation to validate against the Enum directly in an effort to prevent the same issue as item 2


  • Issue #85
    • Added Google Classroom support with the following functions:
      • Add-GSCourseParticipant
      • Confirm-GSCourseInvitation
      • Get-GSClassroomUserProfile
      • Get-GSCourse
      • Get-GSCourseAlias
      • Get-GSCourseInvitation
      • Get-GSCourseParticipant
      • Get-GSStudentGuardian
      • Get-GSStudentGuardianInvitation
      • New-GSCourse
      • New-GSCourseAlias
      • New-GSCourseInvitation
      • New-GSStudentGuardianInvitation
      • Remove-GSCourse
      • Remove-GSCourseAlias
      • Remove-GSCourseInvitation
      • Remove-GSCourseParticipant
      • Remove-GSStudentGuardian
      • Update-GSCourse
  • Fixed: Get-GSToken Create/Expiry time split issue on macOS caused by difference in -UFormat %s (macOS doesn't have trailing milliseconds)
  • Fixed: Logic in confirming if UserID is [decimal] to prevent unnecessary errors