2011 Games Development Project
Objective-C C C++
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Goldeneye Revenge
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Goldeneye Revenge by Callum Taylor 2012


Goldeneye revenge was a College project for Games Development. We were taught to use Dark Basic to make our game, but because I saw this as the perfect opportunity to learn C++, I created my game in C++.

The game wasn't finished because I had the chance to finish college early which allowed me to go full time earlier at my job at 3 SIDED CUBE.


The code is by NO means good. It was something I hacked together in a matter of a couple of months. I had absolutely no concept of how games/models really worked so I just did everything as I went.

The game has controller support using XINPUT and should work with most controllers, but I only tested with an XBOX 360 controller.

Because I suck at modelling, the models used were downloaded for misc websites which were then manipulated a little to do what I needed them to.

Collision detection was the hardest part about the game, as I didn't fully understand how to interact with the maps, I left it out.


It was surprisingly hard to find a good sound library, so I ended up using OpenAL (which absolutely sucks) and so the game will most likely have no sound.


The repository has a folder called "game" which contains the executable to play the game. You can't really do much so don't get too excited.



The source codes are absolutely free to use and come without warranty. Use at your own risk etc etc.