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Scrum2B Tool is a Project Management application, specialized in Scrum/Agile projects and Software Development, is using and maintained by ScrumTobe Software ( Scrum2B Tool is built as a plugin of Redmine (, free to use.


We are focus to make easier and more simple to practice Scrum in Project management. The main functions are:

  • Visual vision for Scrum/Agile Project Management: display issues in Sprint, columns (Backlog, New, In progress, Completed, Close)
  • Easy to drag and drop the issues in columns for planing and observing



Scrum2B is open source and released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (GPL) (


Change to use "develop" branch for developers:

$ git checkout -b develop origin/develop

Commit codes

$ git fetch --all
$ git merge origin/develop
$ git commit -m "Message Content in here"
$ git push -u origin develop

If you have any comment/sugguession, please send message to our email: