A reimagination and recreation of the classic space invaders. Shoot through waves of enemies and defeat the boss! Created for Project 1 at my coding bootcamp in order to practice my newly acquired JavaScript abilities.
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Space Invaders 2018

A premature race of beings mysteriously came into possesion of highly advanced
technologies. Now they travel the galaxy looking to conquer and control new
worlds. It's up to you to stop them!

How To Play

The player can move from left to right using the appropriate keys on the keyboard and fire using the spacebar

Objective: Defeat the level one invasion without letting a certain amount of enemies get passed you, or taking too much damage. Protect your ship!

Getting Started

Game is available at https://scrummish.github.io/Space-Invaders-2018/


Game is currently not optimized for mobile play. Check in for version 2 soon!

Built With

  • HTML5 - The skeleton of the game using html Canvas
  • Javascript ES6 - Used to create all the functionality
  • jQuery - Assisted in creating the functionality
  • CSS3 - Used to style the game

User Stories

  1. User should be able to move players ship from left to right by using the directional keys

  2. User should be able to shoot a laser beam by pressing the spacebar

  3. User should be able to shoot laser beams as long as the spacebar is held down

  4. User should be able to visually keep track of enemies defeated

  5. User should be able to visually keep track of available lives

  6. User should be able to visually track how many enemies can pass him before game over

  7. User should be able to visually keep track of boss ships life

  8. User should be able to face an unlimited amount of enemy ships as long as the games in play

  9. User should see enemy ships spawn at random places and times

Wire Frames


This is version 1 which includes only the first level.



  • Hat tip to google and stackoverflow
  • Inspiration: the classic Space Invaders