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Simple OpenType versions of subsets of the Hershey vector fonts
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NB: This is a preliminary release, and most font files do not contain enough character glyphs for useful typesetting. As is, this distribution is not yet recommended for the general user.

A simple conversion of some subsets of the “Hershey fonts” to OpenType format. All curves are approximated with short straight line segments.


  1. otf/ - OpenType font binaries for three subsets — Simplex (single line, sans-serif), Duplex (outline, sans-serif) and Complex (multi-line, serif) — in three weights: Light, Medium and Heavy, roughly corresponding to plotter renderings with a thin, medium or thick pen.

  2. sfd/ - FontForge source files.


Building from my previous python-hershey project, the Hershey font vectors were converted to buffered polygons using Shapely. These polygons were saved as SVG, and (along with the character glyph kerning information) were imported into FontForge.


  • Derived from character stroke coordinates by Allen V. Hershey published in "Calligraphy for Computers" (US Naval Weapons Laboratory, 1967-08-01, NWL Report No. 2101, NTIS accession number AD-662 398) and elsewhere. These coordinates were published without copyright.

  • The efforts of the Usenet Font Consortium (James Hurt, et al) who reformatted Hershey's data and published it to mod.sources on 1986-04-01 [Volume 4, Issue 42] are greatly appreciated.


  1. Extract more font styles from the Hershey coordinate tables.

  2. Fill in/create basic characters to complete ASCII set.

  3. Add basic accented characters.


Stewart C. Russell -


Dual-licensed CC0/WTFPL. (Srsly; see COPYING.)

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