Code to compute LTMI mixing indices from Sherwood et al. (2014)
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LTMI-mixing README=============================================

The code used by Sherwood et al. (2014, Nature) to calculate the
parameter D is contained here, named  This code
requires only the omega field (vertical pressure velocity) but has
options to compute humidity fluxes as well, in which case specific
humidity data are also needed.

If anyone successfully translates this into other languages
(e.g. python) let me know (at and I will add
it to this repository.

The .save file in this directory is a land-sea mask required by the

Frequency	Variable		CMOR labels	Unit
monthly		omega			wap  		[hPa/day]

This function calculates Deep mixing parameter D (no unit)

Note: You have to modify the code either to print the value or to return the value to your main program.

The definition of D = <dH(d)H(-w1)>/<-w2H(-w2)> (Sherwood et al., 2014).

With the sample CanAM4 data provided, D is 0.522303.

Note these codes are also provided directly on the Author's web site
since mid-2014.