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(ns feedparser-clj.core
(:import ( SyndFeedInput XmlReader)
( URL)
( InputStreamReader)
(com.sun.syndication.feed.synd SyndFeed))
(defstruct feed :authors :categories :contributors :copyright :description
:encoding :entries :feed-type :image :language :link :entry-links
:published-date :title :uri)
(defstruct entry :authors :categories :contents :contributors :description
:enclosures :link :published-date :title :updated-date :url)
(defstruct enclosure :length :type :uri)
(defstruct person :email :name :uri)
(defstruct category :name :taxonomyURI)
(defstruct content :type :value)
(defstruct image :description :link :title :url)
(defstruct link :href :hreflang :length :rel :title :type)
(defn make-enclosure "Create enclosure struct from SyndEnclosure"
(struct-map enclosure :length (.getLength e) :type (.getType e)
:url (.getUrl e)))
(defn make-content "Create content struct from SyndContent"
(struct-map content :type (.getType c) :value (.getValue c)))
(defn make-link "Create link struct from SyndLink"
(struct-map link :href (.getHref l) :hreflang (.getHreflang l)
:length (.getLength l) :rel (.getRel l) :title (.getTitle l)
:type (.getType l)))
(defn make-category "Create category struct from SyndCategory"
(struct-map category :name (.getName c)
:taxonomyURI (.getTaxonomyUri c)))
(defn make-person "Create a person struct from SyndPerson"
(struct-map person :email (.getEmail sp)
:name (.getName sp)
:uri (.getUri sp)))
(defn make-image "Create image struct from SyndImage"
(struct-map image :description (.getDescription i)
:link (.getLink i)
:title (.getTitle i)
:url (.getUrl i)))
(defn make-entry "Create feed entry struct from SyndEntry"
(struct-map entry :authors (map make-person (seq (.getAuthors e)))
:categories (map make-category (seq (.getCategories e)))
:contents (map make-content (seq (.getContents e)))
:contributors (map make-person (seq (.getContributors e)))
:description (if-let [d (.getDescription e)] (make-content d))
:enclosures (map make-enclosure (seq (.getEnclosures e)))
:link (.getLink e)
:published-date (.getPublishedDate e)
:title (.getTitle e)
:updated-date (.getUpdatedDate e)
:uri (.getUri e)))
(defn make-feed "Create a feed struct from a SyndFeed"
(struct-map feed :authors (map make-person (seq (.getAuthors f)))
:categories (map make-category (seq (.getCategories f)))
:contributors (map make-person (seq (.getContributors f)))
:copyright (.getCopyright f)
:description (.getDescription f)
:encoding (.getEncoding f)
:entries (map make-entry (seq (.getEntries f)))
:feed-type (.getFeedType f)
:image (if-let [i (.getImage f)] (make-image i))
:language (.getLanguage f)
:link (.getLink f)
:entry-links (map make-link (seq (.getLinks f)))
:published-date (.getPublishedDate f)
:title (.getTitle f)
:uri (.getUri f)))
(defn- parse-internal [xmlreader]
(let [feedinput (new SyndFeedInput)
syndfeed (.build feedinput xmlreader)]
(make-feed syndfeed)))
(defn parse-feed "Get and parse a feed from a URL"
(parse-internal (new XmlReader (if (string? feedsource)
(URL. feedsource)
([feedsource content-type]
(parse-internal (new XmlReader feedsource content-type))))
(defn -main "Show basic information for a feed, given a URL"
(println "Using feed:" feedsource)
(let [myfeed (parse-feed feedsource)]
(println "Found" (count (:entries myfeed)) "entries")
(println myfeed)))
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