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Installing tcpcrypt on Mac OS X

Using the Mac OS X GUI wrapper

If you don't want to compile your own tcpcrypt, you can use the Mac OS X GUI wrapper, which includes the binary and is available at


Tcpcrypt does not depend on non-standard libs on Mac OS X, so just run:

cd tcpcrypt/user

Optional: running make install will install libtcpcrypt and tcpcrypt headers, for building apps that use tcpcrypt's session ID.


The launch script (in tcpcrypt/user) starts tcpcryptd and sets up your firewall to send port 80 and 7777 packets through tcpcrypt:


With tcpcryptd running, open to try it out.

More info

See the included README.markdown file for more ways to try out tcpcrypt and for troubleshooting help.

See INSTALL-FreeBSD for firewall setup instructions. (FreeBSD and Mac OS X use the same firewall, ipfw.)

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