Plot data using D3
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Plot data using D3

These functions should help automate some of the more common but difficult things to add to charts: axes and scales.

lineChart takes a D3 selection and generates a chart, returning it as a closure in an update function, much like proposed here This function assumes an svg container and will store the whole chart in it's own group under the parent selection passed.

Configuration. Pass data in as either a single array of [x,y] points, or as an array of JSON objects. The JSON object allows fine tuning:

    "data": [[x1,y1], ...,[xn,yn]], //necessary
    "attr": {                       //optional, attr of parent group for this data
      "attr1": "value",
      ...             ,
      "attrn": "value"
    "presentations": [rep1, rep2, ..., rep3], //how to show data, JSON object
                                                //optional, defaults to line+circles

Passing in just data does a single line+circles plot of the data using the class "data" from the parent group. In all cases, try to use sane/aesthetic defaults, group all elements into sensible groups, and class all groups. For example, circles use cx=xscale, cy=yscale, r=constant.

But, attr should allow one to override using anonymous functions: { "attr": { "r" = function(d) {return d} }} to make circles scale radius. so, 2/3?

// Data "presentation" JSON format
    "element": (any valid SVG element)
    "attr": {...}  // list of attr for element
    "style": {...} //manual style for element
    "stagger" : ?? //not implemented yet, allow stagger/stacking of data
                   //This is typically good for CV data in papers.
    //path attributes, x and y
    "path": {...}