Simple HTTP-based queue server
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Simple HTTP-based queue server

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Getting Started


Ensure Go and LevelDB are installed and then run:

$ make
$ sudo make install


$ queued [options]



$ curl -X POST http://localhost:5353/:queue -d 'foo'

Append the POSTed data to the end of the specified queue (note that queues are created on-the-fly). The Location header will point to the enqueued item and is of the form http://localhost:5353/:queue/:id.


$ curl -X POST http://localhost:5353/:queue/dequeue

Dequeue the item currently on the head of the queue. Guaranteed not to return the same item twice unless a completion timeout is specified (see below). The Location header will point to the dequeued item and is of the form http://localhost:5353/:queue/:id. Queued message data is returned in the response body.

Dequeue optionally takes wait and/or timeout query string parameters:

  • wait=<sec> - block for the specified number of seconds or until there is an item to be read off the head of the queue

  • timeout=<sec> - if the item is not completed (see endpoint below) within the specified number of seconds, the item will automatically be re-enqueued (when no timeout is specified the item is automatically completed when dequeued)


$ curl -X GET http://localhost:5353/:queue/:id

Get a specific item. The header X-Dequeued will be true if the item is currently dequeued and waiting for completion.


$ curl -X DELETE http://localhost:5353/:queue/:id

Complete the specified item and destroy it (note that only items dequeued with a timeout can be completed).


$ curl -X GET http://localhost:5353/:queue

Get stats about a given queue.

CLI Options

  • -auth="" - HTTP basic auth password required for all requests
  • -db-path="./queued.db" - the directory in which queue items will be persisted (n/a for memory store)
  • -port=5353 - port on which to listen
  • -store=leveldb - the backend in which items will be stored (leveldb or memory)
  • -sync=true - boolean indicating whether data should be synced to disk after every write (n/a for memory store, see LevelDB's WriteOptions::sync)
  • -v - output the version number

Client Libraries