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A tidyverse compatible package for creating memes in R using the magick package.

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memer is a a tidyverse-compatible R package for creating memes. Mostly wrappers around magick functions.


# Install the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")

Available Memes

##  [1] "AllTheThings"       "AmericanChopper"    "AncientAliens"     
##  [4] "BatmanRobin"        "DistractedBf"       "EvilKermit"        
##  [7] "ExpandingBrain"     "FirstWorldProbs"    "FryNotSure"        
## [10] "HotlineDrake"       "IsThisAPigeon"      "NoneOfMyBusiness"  
## [13] "CheersLeo"          "OneDoesNotSimply"   "DosEquisMan"       
## [16] "OffRamp"            "OprahGiveaway"      "Philosoraptor"     
## [19] "PicardFacePalm"     "PicardWTH"          "Purples"           
## [22] "PutItPatrick"       "Rainbow"            "ShiaJustDoIt"      
## [25] "Spongebob"          "SuccessKid"         "ThatWouldBeGreat"  
## [28] "TheRockDriving"     "ThinkAboutIt"       "TrumpBillSigning"  
## [31] "TwoButtonsAnxiety"  "WhatIfIToldYou"     "CondescendingWonka"
## [34] "YoDawg"             "YoDawg"             "Y-U-NOguy"


meme_get("DistractedBf") %>% 
  meme_text_distbf("tidyverse", "new R users", "base R")

meme_get("OprahGiveaway") %>% 
  meme_text_bottom("EVERYONE GETS A %>%!!!", size = 36)

meme_get("AmericanChopper") %>%
  meme_text_chopper("Stop calling yourself 'just an R user'!",
                    "But I've never written a package!",
                    "So?? You're still an important part of the R community!",
                    "But people who write packages are more important",
                    "NO! All members of the R community are valued & deserve respect!")

Post R Memes directly to Twitter!

meme_get("ExpandingBrain") %>% 
  meme_text_brain("Sharing memes online", 
                  "Making your own memes", 
                  "Making memes in R", 
                  "Using rtweet to share your memes", 
                  size = 17)

You can also post memes directly to Twitter. You will need to install the rtweet package for that. Just make sure to set up a Twitter token (see here for more information on that) and you are good to go. The meme_tweet function also includes the possibility to tag the R Memes for Statistical Fiends account on Twitter for maximum exposure :)

meme_get("DosEquisMan") %>% 
  meme_text_top("I don't always tweet memes", size = 28) %>% 
  meme_text_bottom("But when I do\nI use the memer package in R", size = 26) %>%
  meme_tweet(tweet_text = "It's dangerous to meme alone. Here take this.",
             tag_rstatsmemes = T)

Confused? Use meme_explain()!

Using meme_explain, you can pass any of the meme names to be taken to their page on

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ Content from may be offensive. The authors of memer have no control over what you may see when using meme_explain().

meme_explain("DistractedBf", launch = F, content_warning = T)
> knowyourmeme can contain potentially offensive results,
  are you sure you want to open it? [Y]es / [N]o:

Add your own meme!

⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ This is an advanced step. Proceed with caution.

If you want to add your own meme, use memer:::meme_add():

  1. Fork this repo and clone to your system.
  2. Add your meme file to inst/extdata.
    1. It should be a .png.
    2. It should be small: resolution of 72 and width no more than 500 pixels.
  3. Use meme_add() as below.
meme_add("Memename", "memefile.png")
  1. Re-install memer as below:
devtools::check(document = F)
  1. (Optional) If you would like your meme to be added to memer, submit a pull request!


A tidyverse compatible package for creating memes in R using the magick package.






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