Library for reading the ANT FIT file format. This format is used by Garmin GPSses. See
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FitReader is a library to read ANT/Garmin .FIT files. .FIT files are converted to a FitRecordRepository, consisting of FitRecords for each .FIT defined FIT Message.
The main function is FitReader/readFile(), which does the reading and conversion to the FitRecordRepository. The FitRecordRepository can be used to obtain the message contents. 

Messages (message and field names) are defined in /src/main/resources/fit_messagefields.csv (this file originates from the .FIT SDK (20.30) that can be downloaded at the ANT site (; this SDK also contains PDFs describing the .FIT format). However, implements like Garmin appear to have added their own proprietary fields which are not defined in the csv.

Use Maven to compile the source files into /target. The project is recognized by Netbeans as Maven project and can be imported.

Usage is illustrated in the test files.

The software uses 
- hirondelle-date4j-1.5.1.jar

Javadoc: Refer to the Javadoc in the /target file.

Garmin Track COnverter
The Garmin track converter uses this library to convert .FIT tracks to .GPX format