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=== 1.1.2 / 2009-01-24
* Minor Changes
* Changed from Hoe to Jeweler
=== 1.1.1 / 2008-11-25
* Minor Changes
* Dir.taglob will now act like a regular glob if tags passed in is nil
=== 1.1.0 / 2008-11-17
* New Feature
* TagHtmlFormatter opens up the RSpec HTML Formatter to print the tags environment variable which useful if you do something like:
$ rake spec_tag tags="foo,bar,baz" SPEC_OPTS='-r rubygems,taglob/spec/tag_html_formatter'
=== 1.0.2 / 2008-11-04
* Minor Changes
* Fixed a small bug where rake tasks could not be required unless all of taglob was required
=== 1.0.1 / 2008-10-15
* Minor Changes
* Updated Documentation to be more accurate
=== 1.0.0 / 2008-10-08
* Important changes
* Dir.taglob('**/*.rb','tags,for,the,win') <- Will produce an array of files that contain all these tags(AND)
* Dir.taglob('**/*.rb','tags|or|the|win') <- Will produce an array of files that contain any of these tags(OR)
* rake spec SPEC_OPTS='-f specdoc' <- More infroz(this obviously needs to be run from the gem directory :P)
* taglob binary!
* $ taglob <dirname> <- produces a list of files in <dirname> with their respective tags
* $ taglob <file> <- produces a list of tags for that file
* Rake tasks!
* You can now require 'taglob/rake/tasks' in your Rakefile to get test_tag and spec_tag tasks that would be used like this:
* $ rake spec_tag tags="for,the,win"
* $ rake test_tag tags="foo|bar"
* You can also specify your own TestTagTasks in your Rakefile:
require 'taglob/rake' :spec_regression do |t|
t.pattern = 'spec/**/*_spec.rb'
t.tags = "regression|smoke"
end :test_regression do |t|
t.pattern = 'test/**/test_*.rb'
t.tags = "regression|smoke"
* CheckTagsTask will check all tags in a glob pattern against a valid list of tags
require 'taglob/rake'
task = do |t|
t.pattern = 'spec/**/*.rb'
t.valid_tag_source = 'config/valid_tags.txt'
* Thanks:
- NolanEvans[] did the majority of this rewrite.
- DrewOlson[] still doesn't have commit rights.
- CharleyBaker[], RadhikaPothukuchi, and RamaKarri were all very helpful in pairing with NolanEvans and AdamAnderson[] in getting this gem out.
=== 0.1.0 / 2008-05-19
* Important changes
* Taglob now does ANDing logic rather than ORing
This is really how it should have been to begin with. I just noobed it up is all.
In version 0.0.1 if you did Dir.taglob('**/*.rb','foo','bar') it would select files as long they contained one of the tags(foo OR bar). In version 0.1.0 it will only select files which contain both tags(foo AND bar).
=== 0.0.1 / 2008-05-14
* Taglob "released"
* Drew bugged me enough to finish the specs