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This is a ground up implementation VR window overlay manager built on openVR. Use it to add netflix video playback inside your game, keep track of your twitch chat stream, or to have a quick reference to those pesky warp routes in your favorite VR space sim. The uses are up to your imagination.

Current release

You can download the current release here


  • Add as many window overlays as want!
  • Tracking to controllers, HMD and VR space
  • Controller Controls
    • Touch Pad is segmented into four quadrants
    • Top Left and Right control overlay scaling
    • Bottom Left and Right control overlay opacity
    • Trigger will move the overlay
    • Grip Button will toggle tracking mode for the overlay
    • To use, place the controller into the middle of the overlay and press the corresponding button
  • Adjustable update rates
    • Having multiple overlays running at 60fps can add overhead to any VR game/application also running, lowering this value will diminish the impact
  • Ground up optimized implementation
    • Low CPU utilization to keep your games running at 90fps


Tutorial Video

Coming Soon

  • Hotkey toggling
  • State saving
  • VR menu system
  • Gamepad Support

Known Issues

  • This won't work for all windows, only those with DWM drawing
    • Solution for Chrome: disable hardware acceleration
    • Using the controller to move the overlays results in shaky angular movements. This will be addressed in future release.
  • Minimized applications will not draw
  • Changing an overlay to spacial tracking does not perfectly replicate positioning
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