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Easily upload mp3 files, and embed them on your Radiant site with a Flash audio player.
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Audio Player

This extension for Radiant adds a Flash audio player plugin which can be embedded on the pages of your site. It adds an "Audio" tab to the admin area, where mp3 files may be uploaded.

Suggested uses: publishing a podcast, or portfolio of music.

This is a standalone extension. It does not depend on any other asset management extensions, but neither should it cause any conflict if you do have such an extension installed.

Added Features by ScullyGroup

Added additional route /songs/playlist.xml to output wimpy player xml playlists

Added necessary controller actions and view updates for basic create, remove and update to work


This extension is hosted on github. If you don't have git installed, see below.

If you have git installed,1 cd to the root of your radiant project and issue this command:

git clone git:// vendor/extensions/audio_player

From your radiant application root run the install task:

rake (production) radiant:extensions:audio_player:install

Next, run the demo task (optional):

rake (production) radiant:extensions:audio_player:demo

This creates an Audio page, with example usage of the Radius tags provided in this extension.

Installing without git

If you don’t have git, then you can download the tarball from this URL:

and expand the contents to your-radiant-project/vendor/extensions/audio_player. Proceed by running the install and demo tasks, as directed above.


The flash player was created by Martin Laine. This extension was conceived and designed be Andrew Neil. With thanks to Anna Neil for sponsoring it.

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