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import { Serializable } from 'puppeteer';
export interface RouteConfig {
/** this route does a manual Idle check */
manualIdleCheck?: boolean;
/** type of the route */
type?: string;
* an optional function that will be executed on render.
* Receives the route string, and the config of this route.
* When it returns false, the route isn't rendered.
preRenderer?: (route: HandledRoute) => Promise<unknown | false>;
/** option to select a different render plugin fir this route. */
renderPlugin?: string | symbol;
/** Allow in every other setting possible, depends on plugins */
[key: string]: any;
export interface HandledRoute {
/** the string as used in the Scully config */
usedConfigRoute?: string;
/** the _complete_ route */
route: string;
/** the raw route, will be used by puppeteer over the route.route, will be used as is. must include the http(s):// part and eventual params*/
rawRoute?: string;
/** String, must be an existing plugin name. mandatory */
type?: string;
/** the relevant part of the scully-config */
config?: RouteConfig;
/** variables exposed to angular _while rendering only!_ */
exposeToPage?: {
manualIdle?: boolean;
transferState?: Serializable;
[key: string]: Serializable;
/** data will be injected into the static page */
injectToPage?: {
[key: string]: Serializable;
/** an array with render plugin names that will be executed */
postRenderers?: (string | symbol)[];
/** the path to the file for a content file */
templateFile?: string;
/** optional title, if data holds a title, that will be used instead */
title?: string;
* additional data that will end up in scully.routes.json
* the frontMatter data will be added here too.
data?: RouteData;
* Plugin to use for rendering
* Default to puppeteer
* this support different renders: puppeteer / imgRender / universal / others
renderPlugin?: string | symbol;
//TODO: add more of the common frontmatter properties to the interface
* The data that will be added to the route in scully.routes.json.
* The frontmatter data will be added here too.
export interface RouteData {
title?: string;
author?: string;
[prop: string]: any;
* Extension of HandledRoute that exposes the extra fields used by the for contentRoutes plugin
export interface ContentTextRoute extends HandledRoute {
/** the type of content (MD/HTML this determines what plugin us used for render) */
contentType?: string;
/** The actual raw content that will be rendered into scully-content */
content?: string | ((route?: HandledRoute) => string);