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Sculpin Blog Skeleton

A skeleton for a Sculpin based blog.

Powered by Sculpin. =)


A very basic Sculpin based blog supporting the following features:

  • Very minimal Bootstrap based theme.
  • A handful of existing posts in source/_posts/ to get you started. Feel free to remove these when you are ready.
  • An about page at /about.
  • An index page at /. It displays all posts and paginates them.
  • A blog archive page at /blog. It displays post titles broken down by month and is paginated.
  • A blog categories page at /blog/categories.
  • A blog category index at /blog/categories/$category. Similar to the blog archive except broken down by each category.
  • A blog tags page at /blog/tags.
  • A blog tag index at /blog/tags/$tag. Similar to the blog archive except broken down by each tag.


Sculpin is a PHP application and installed with the PHP package manager composer. See for installation instructions.

Unless you do a very basic website, you want some CSS and Javascript assets. Sculpin uses yarn to manage them. See for installation instructions.


Create a new project using composer:

$ composer create-project -s dev sculpin/blog-skeleton my-blog

This application uses Symfony's Webpack Encore to manage CSS, JavaScript and image assets. Install the JS dependencies:

$ cd my-blog
$ yarn install


First, start Encore to compile and update the assets in source/assets/ into source/build/. The watcher keeps running until you exit it manually:

$ composer yarn-watch

In a new console, start the sculpin watcher to have your content updated as soon as you save changes:

$ composer sculpin-watch

Your newly generated clone of sculpin-blog-skeleton should now be accessible at http://localhost:8000/.


The skeleton provides you with useful configuration and some example data for a Sculpin installation.

For more information about getting started with Sculpin, check out the Get Started page and have a look at the full documentation.