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ePubCheck Helper

Version: 0.1.0-a

Author: Steve Myles (

Project Home:

License: MIT license (see LICENSE accompanying this distribution).

Changelog: See accompanying this distribution.


ePubCheck is a great command line utility that validates EPUB files to ensure proper structure and formatting. It provides a detailed log of issues, including improper html tags, indicating which row(s) of which file(s) contain the errors. It is an invaluable resource when creating EPUB files.

ePubCheck Helper is a simple batch file that allows the user to drag and drop an EPUB file (or a .zip file, as .epub files are renamed .zip files) to run ePubCheck, taking care of the command line details for you. The script outputs ePubCheck's log to a .txt file in the directory with the original EPUB file.


I know this isn't the first utility of its kind (for instance, EPUB-CHECKER ( seems to be a good one and there is also the web-based EPUB validator (, and it likely isn't the best. I wanted to learn more about batch scripting and this seemed like a good way to do so. The results might be helpful for someone.

I am by no means an expert at batch scripting. I welcome comments on this script.


Date parsing is taken from Rob van der Woude: