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Current Goals
* Final testing on all platforms
Future Goals
* Default Options
- Things like default games path, default LAME path, default compression
type, etc. could be added to a menu and saved to an *.ini file.
* Batch Processing
- Batch processing can be performed by holding a list of jobs to done in
the ProcessArray already used in MainFrame. To accomplish this we would
need to modify the Process class to add a wxString class member to hold
the command line string, add wxButtons and a wxListBox to facilitate
adding, removing, and starting batch jobs, and adding a function which
would iterate through the ProcessArray and perform each job, starting
subsequent jobs in the OnTerminate function of the previous job.
* Encode DXA Improvements
- The current implementation of 'Encode DXA' compression only performs the
final step of the process. There are already Windows and Unix scripts to
perform all of the steps in the process. Another tab could be added to
the GUI which simply implements the steps found in the DXA scripts.
* Automatic Compression
- Another tab could be added that would automatically compress an original
CD. This would involve identifying the game, either by using filenames
or md5 hashes, copying all of the files needed to play the game to a
specified directory, and compressing any applicable files.
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