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TEMPLATES: Automatically create the pct table data

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Mataniko committed Aug 7, 2018
1 parent e45259f commit 93cfdab8a11cb4e9f01ced093d4c2aa25f80b523
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  1. +3 −21 templates/pages/compatibility.tpl
@@ -44,27 +44,9 @@
<td class={$support_level_class.$level} align='center'>{$desc}</td>
<td class="pct0">&nbsp;0</td>
<td class="pct5">&nbsp;5</td>
<td class="pct10">10</td>
<td class="pct15">15</td>
<td class="pct20">20</td>
<td class="pct25">25</td>
<td class="pct30">30</td>
<td class="pct35">35</td>
<td class="pct40">40</td>
<td class="pct45">45</td>
<td class="pct50">50</td>
<td class="pct55">55</td>
<td class="pct60">60</td>
<td class="pct65">65</td>
<td class="pct70">70</td>
<td class="pct75">75</td>
<td class="pct80">80</td>
<td class="pct85">85</td>
<td class="pct90">90</td>
<td class="pct95">95</td>
<td class="pct100">100</td>
{for $pct=0 to 20}
<td class="pct{$pct*5}">{$pct*5}</td>

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