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ScummVM Team
Project Leaders
James Brown
Max Horn
Eugene Sandulenko
Engine Teams
Torbjorn Andersson
James Brown
Jonathan Gray
Max Horn
Travis Howell
Pawel Kolodziejski - Codecs, iMUSE, Smush, etc.
Eugene Sandulenko - FT INSANE, MM NES, MM C64, game detection,
Jonathan Gray
Travis Howell
Gregory Montoir
Eugene Sandulenko
Stuart George
Matthew Hoops
Filippos Karapetis
Pawel Kolodziejski
Eugene Sandulenko
David Symonds
Torbjorn Andersson
Travis Howell
Oliver Kiehl
Robert Goeffringmann
Oliver Kiehl
Joost Peters
Broken Sword 1:
Robert Goeffringmann
Broken Sword 2:
Torbjorn Andersson
Jonathan Gray
Cinematique evo 1:
Vincent Hamm - original CinE engine author
Pawel Kolodziejski
Gregory Montoir
Eugene Sandulenko
Cinematique evo 2:
Vincent Hamm - original CruisE engine author
David Eriksson
Gregory Montoir
Joost Peters
Torbjorn Andersson
Sven Hesse
Willem Jan Palenstijn
Eugene Sandulenko
Torbjorn Andersson - VQA Player
Oystein Eftevaag
Gregory Montoir
Johannes Schickel
Paul Gilbert
Torbjorn Andersson
Filippos Karapetis
Andrew Kurushin
Eugene Sandulenko
Gregory Montoir
Backend Teams
Marcus Comstedt
John Willis
Won Star
Nintendo DS:
Neil Millstone
Chris Apers
PocketPC / WinCE:
Nicolas Bacca
Kostas Nakos
PlayStation 2:
Robert Goeffringmann
PSP (PlayStation Portable):
Joost Peters
SDL (Win/Linux/OS X/etc.):
Max Horn
Eugene Sandulenko - Asm routines, GFX layers
Jurgen Braam
Lars Persson
Other subsystems
Max Horn - Backend & Engine APIs, file API, sound mixer,
audiostreams, data structures, etc.
Eugene Sandulenko
Eugene Sandulenko
Johannes Schickel
Jerome Fisher - MT-32 emulator
Jochen Hoenicke - Speaker & PCjr sound support, Adlib work
Robin Watts - ARM assembly routines for nice speedups on
several ports; improvements to the sound mixer
Website (content)
All active team members
Joachim Eberhard - Documentation manager
Matthew Hoops - Wiki editor
Retired Team Members
Tore Anderson - Former Debian GNU/Linux maintainer
Ralph Brorsen - Help with GUI implementation
Jamieson Christian - iMUSE, MIDI, all things musical
Ruediger Hanke - Port: MorphOS
Vincent Hamm - ScummVM co-founder, Original Cruise/CinE author
Felix Jakschitsch - Zak256 reverse engineering
Mutwin Kraus - Original MacOS porter
Peter Moraliyski - Port: GP32
Jeremy Newman - Former webmaster
Ludvig Strigeus - Original ScummVM and SimonVM author
Lionel Ulmer - Port: X11
Other contributions
AmigaOS 4:
Hans-Jorg Frieden
Juha Niemimaki
Keith Scroggins
Stefan Parviainen
Debian GNU/Linux:
David Weinehall
Fedora / RedHat:
Willem Jan Palenstijn
Mac OS X:
Max Horn
Oystein Eftevaag
Dominik Scherer
Fabien Coeurjoly
Paul Smedley
Robert Kelsen
Solaris x86:
Laurent Blume
Solaris SPARC:
Markus Strangl
Travis Howell
Chris Gray
Websites (design)
Dobo Balazs - Website design
Yaroslav Fedevych - HTML/CSS for the website
David Jensen - SVG logo conversion
Jean Marc - ScummVM logo
Raina - ScummVM forum buttons
Clemens Steinhuber - ScummVM forum theme
Code contributions
Ori Avtalion - Subtitle control options in the GUI; BASS GUI
Stuart Caie - Decoders for Simon 1 Amiga data files
Paolo Costabel - PSP port contributions
Thierry Crozat - Support for Broken Sword 1 Macintosh version
Thomas Fach-Pedersen - ProTracker module player
Benjamin Haisch - Heavily improved de-/encoder for DXA videos
Janne Huttunen - V3 actor mask support, Dig/FT SMUSH audio
Kovacs Endre Janos - Several fixes for Simon1
Jeroen Janssen - Numerous readability and bugfix patches
Florian Kagerer - Various Kyrandia 1 FM-Towns code contributions
Andreas Karlsson - Initial port for EPOC/SymbianOS
Claudio Matsuoka - Daily Linux builds
Thomas Mayer - PSP port contributions
n0p - Windows CE port aspect ratio correction scaler
and right click input method
Mikesch Nepomuk - MI1 VGA floppy patches
Nicolas Noble - Config file and ALSA support
Tim Phillips - Initial MI1 CD music support
Quietust - Sound support for Amiga SCUMM V2/V3 games, MM
NES support
Andreas Roever - Broken Sword 1/2 MPEG2 cutscene support
Edward Rudd - Fixes for playing MP3 versions of MI1/Loom audio
Daniel Schepler - Final MI1 CD music support, initial Ogg Vorbis
Andre Souza - SDL-based OpenGL renderer
And to all the contributors, users, and beta testers we've missed. Thanks!
Special thanks to
Sander Buskens - For his work on the initial reversing of Monkey2
Canadacow - For the original MT-32 emulator
Kevin Carnes - For Scumm16, the basis of ScummVM's older gfx codecs
Patrick Combet - For the original Gobliiins ADL player
Ivan Dubrov - For contributing the initial version of the Gobliiins
Jezar - For his freeverb filter implementation
Jim Leiterman - Various info on his FM-TOWNS/Marty SCUMM ports
lloyd - For deep tech details about C64 Zak & MM
Sarien Team - Original AGI engine code
Jimmi Thogersen - For ScummRev, and much obscure code/documentation
Tristan - For additional work on the original MT-32 emulator
Tony Warriner and everyone at Revolution Software Ltd. for sharing with us
the source of some of their brilliant games, allowing us to release
Beneath a Steel Sky as freeware... and generally being supportive above
and beyond the call of duty.
John Passfield and Steve Stamatiadis for sharing the source of their
classic title, Flight of the Amazon Queen and also being incredibly
Joe Pearce from The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. for sharing the source of
their famous title Inherit the Earth and always prompt replies to our
Aric Wilmunder, Ron Gilbert, David Fox, Vince Lee, and all those at
LucasFilm/LucasArts who made SCUMM the insane mess to reimplement that it
is today. Feel free to drop us a line and tell us what you think, guys!
Alan Bridgman, Simon Woodroffe and everyone at Adventure Soft for sharing
the source code of The Feeble Files and Simon the Sorcerer's Puzzle Pack
with us.
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