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# Spanish translation for ScummVM.
# Copyright (C) 2010-2012 ScummVM Team
# This file is distributed under the same license as the ScummVM package.
# Tomás Maidagan, 2011.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: ScummVM 1.4.0svn\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-08-12 14:57+0200\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-07-08 18:19+0100\n"
"Last-Translator: Tomás Maidagan\n"
"Language-Team: \n"
"Language: Espanol\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
#: gui/about.cpp:91
#, c-format
msgid "(built on %s)"
msgstr "(compilado el %s)"
#: gui/about.cpp:98
msgid "Features compiled in:"
msgstr "Características incluidas:"
#: gui/about.cpp:107
msgid "Available engines:"
msgstr "Motores disponibles:"
#: gui/browser.cpp:66
msgid "Go up"
msgstr "Arriba"
#: gui/browser.cpp:66 gui/browser.cpp:68
msgid "Go to previous directory level"
msgstr "Ir al directorio anterior"
#: gui/browser.cpp:68
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Go up"
msgstr "Arriba"
#: gui/browser.cpp:69 gui/chooser.cpp:45 gui/KeysDialog.cpp:43
#: gui/launcher.cpp:345 gui/massadd.cpp:94 gui/options.cpp:1228
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:207 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:267
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:516 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:843
#: gui/themebrowser.cpp:54 engines/engine.cpp:442
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:190 engines/sword1/control.cpp:865
#: engines/parallaction/saveload.cpp:274 backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:48
#: backends/events/default/default-events.cpp:191
#: backends/events/default/default-events.cpp:213
msgid "Cancel"
msgstr "Cancelar"
#: gui/browser.cpp:70 gui/chooser.cpp:46 gui/themebrowser.cpp:55
msgid "Choose"
msgstr "Aceptar"
#: gui/gui-manager.cpp:115 engines/scumm/help.cpp:125
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:140 engines/scumm/help.cpp:165
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:191 engines/scumm/help.cpp:209
#: backends/keymapper/remap-dialog.cpp:52
msgid "Close"
msgstr "Cerrar"
#: gui/gui-manager.cpp:118
msgid "Mouse click"
msgstr "Clic de ratón"
#: gui/gui-manager.cpp:122 base/main.cpp:300
msgid "Display keyboard"
msgstr "Mostrar el teclado"
#: gui/gui-manager.cpp:126 base/main.cpp:304
msgid "Remap keys"
msgstr "Asignar teclas"
#: gui/gui-manager.cpp:129 base/main.cpp:307
msgid "Toggle FullScreen"
msgstr "Activar pantalla completa"
#: gui/KeysDialog.h:36 gui/KeysDialog.cpp:145
msgid "Choose an action to map"
msgstr "Elige la acción a asociar"
#: gui/KeysDialog.cpp:41
msgid "Map"
msgstr "Asignar"
#: gui/KeysDialog.cpp:42 gui/launcher.cpp:346 gui/launcher.cpp:1001
#: gui/launcher.cpp:1005 gui/massadd.cpp:91 gui/options.cpp:1229
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:844 engines/engine.cpp:361 engines/engine.cpp:372
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:192 engines/scumm/scumm.cpp:1775
#: engines/agos/animation.cpp:561 engines/groovie/script.cpp:420
#: engines/sky/compact.cpp:131 engines/sky/compact.cpp:141
#: engines/sword1/animation.cpp:539 engines/sword1/animation.cpp:560
#: engines/sword1/animation.cpp:570 engines/sword1/animation.cpp:577
#: engines/sword1/control.cpp:865 engines/sword1/logic.cpp:1633
#: engines/sword2/animation.cpp:435 engines/sword2/animation.cpp:455
#: engines/sword2/animation.cpp:465 engines/sword2/animation.cpp:474
#: engines/parallaction/saveload.cpp:274 backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:47
#: backends/platform/wince/CELauncherDialog.cpp:54
msgid "OK"
msgstr "Aceptar"
#: gui/KeysDialog.cpp:49
msgid "Select an action and click 'Map'"
msgstr "Selecciona una acción y pulsa \"Asignar\""
#: gui/KeysDialog.cpp:80 gui/KeysDialog.cpp:102 gui/KeysDialog.cpp:141
#, c-format
msgid "Associated key : %s"
msgstr "Tecla asociada: %s"
#: gui/KeysDialog.cpp:82 gui/KeysDialog.cpp:104 gui/KeysDialog.cpp:143
#, c-format
msgid "Associated key : none"
msgstr "Tecla asociada: ninguna"
#: gui/KeysDialog.cpp:90
msgid "Please select an action"
msgstr "Por favor, selecciona una acción"
#: gui/KeysDialog.cpp:106
msgid "Press the key to associate"
msgstr "Pulsa la tecla a asignar"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:187
msgid "Game"
msgstr "Juego"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:191
msgid "ID:"
msgstr "ID:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:191 gui/launcher.cpp:193 gui/launcher.cpp:194
msgid ""
"Short game identifier used for referring to savegames and running the game "
"from the command line"
msgstr ""
"Identificador usado para las partidas guardadas y para ejecutar el juego "
"desde la línea de comando"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:193
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "ID:"
msgstr "ID:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:198
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Nombre:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:198 gui/launcher.cpp:200 gui/launcher.cpp:201
msgid "Full title of the game"
msgstr "Título completo del juego"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:200
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Name:"
msgstr "Nom.:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:204
msgid "Language:"
msgstr "Idioma:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:204 gui/launcher.cpp:205
msgid ""
"Language of the game. This will not turn your Spanish game version into "
msgstr ""
"Idioma del juego. No sirve para pasar al inglés la versión española de un "
#: gui/launcher.cpp:206 gui/launcher.cpp:220 gui/options.cpp:80
#: gui/options.cpp:730 gui/options.cpp:743 gui/options.cpp:1199
#: audio/null.cpp:40
msgid "<default>"
msgstr "<por defecto>"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:216
msgid "Platform:"
msgstr "Plataforma:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:216 gui/launcher.cpp:218 gui/launcher.cpp:219
msgid "Platform the game was originally designed for"
msgstr "Plataforma para la que se diseñó el juego"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:218
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Platform:"
msgstr "Plat.:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:231
msgid "Engine"
msgstr "Motor"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:239 gui/options.cpp:1062 gui/options.cpp:1079
msgid "Graphics"
msgstr "Gráficos"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:239 gui/options.cpp:1062 gui/options.cpp:1079
msgid "GFX"
msgstr "GFX"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:242
msgid "Override global graphic settings"
msgstr "Ignorar opciones gráficas generales"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:244
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Override global graphic settings"
msgstr "Opciones gráficas específicas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:251 gui/options.cpp:1085
msgid "Audio"
msgstr "Sonido"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:254
msgid "Override global audio settings"
msgstr "Ignorar opciones de sonido generales"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:256
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Override global audio settings"
msgstr "Opciones de sonido específicas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:265 gui/options.cpp:1090
msgid "Volume"
msgstr "Volumen"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:267 gui/options.cpp:1092
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Volume"
msgstr "Volumen"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:270
msgid "Override global volume settings"
msgstr "Ignorar opciones de volumen generales"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:272
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Override global volume settings"
msgstr "Opciones de volumen específicas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:280 gui/options.cpp:1100
msgid "MIDI"
msgstr "MIDI"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:283
msgid "Override global MIDI settings"
msgstr "Ignorar opciones de MIDI generales"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:285
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Override global MIDI settings"
msgstr "Opciones de MIDI específicas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:294 gui/options.cpp:1106
msgid "MT-32"
msgstr "MT-32"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:297
msgid "Override global MT-32 settings"
msgstr "Ignorar opciones de MT-32 generales"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:299
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Override global MT-32 settings"
msgstr "Opciones de MT-32 específicas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:308 gui/options.cpp:1113
msgid "Paths"
msgstr "Rutas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:310 gui/options.cpp:1115
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Paths"
msgstr "Rutas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:317
msgid "Game Path:"
msgstr "Juego:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:319
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Game Path:"
msgstr "Juego:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:324 gui/options.cpp:1139
msgid "Extra Path:"
msgstr "Adicional:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:324 gui/launcher.cpp:326 gui/launcher.cpp:327
msgid "Specifies path to additional data used the game"
msgstr "Especifica un directorio para datos adicionales del juego"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:326 gui/options.cpp:1141
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Extra Path:"
msgstr "Adicional:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:333 gui/options.cpp:1123
msgid "Save Path:"
msgstr "Partidas:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:333 gui/launcher.cpp:335 gui/launcher.cpp:336
#: gui/options.cpp:1123 gui/options.cpp:1125 gui/options.cpp:1126
msgid "Specifies where your savegames are put"
msgstr "Especifica dónde guardar tus partidas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:335 gui/options.cpp:1125
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Save Path:"
msgstr "Partidas:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:354 gui/launcher.cpp:453 gui/launcher.cpp:511
#: gui/launcher.cpp:565 gui/options.cpp:1134 gui/options.cpp:1142
#: gui/options.cpp:1151 gui/options.cpp:1258 gui/options.cpp:1264
#: gui/options.cpp:1272 gui/options.cpp:1302 gui/options.cpp:1308
#: gui/options.cpp:1315 gui/options.cpp:1408 gui/options.cpp:1411
#: gui/options.cpp:1423
msgctxt "path"
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ninguna"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:359 gui/launcher.cpp:459 gui/launcher.cpp:569
#: gui/options.cpp:1252 gui/options.cpp:1296 gui/options.cpp:1414
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:56
msgid "Default"
msgstr "Por defecto"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:504 gui/options.cpp:1417
msgid "Select SoundFont"
msgstr "Selecciona un SoundFont"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:523 gui/launcher.cpp:677
msgid "Select directory with game data"
msgstr "Selecciona el directorio del juego"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:541
msgid "Select additional game directory"
msgstr "Selecciona el directorio adicional"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:553
msgid "Select directory for saved games"
msgstr "Selecciona el directorio para partidas guardadas"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:580
msgid "This game ID is already taken. Please choose another one."
msgstr "Esta ID ya está siendo usada. Por favor, elige otra."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:621 engines/dialogs.cpp:110
msgid "~Q~uit"
msgstr "~S~alir"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:621 backends/platform/sdl/macosx/
msgid "Quit ScummVM"
msgstr "Salir de ScummVM"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:622
msgid "A~b~out..."
msgstr "Acerca ~d~e"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:622 backends/platform/sdl/macosx/
msgid "About ScummVM"
msgstr "Acerca de ScummVM"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:623
msgid "~O~ptions..."
msgstr "~O~pciones..."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:623
msgid "Change global ScummVM options"
msgstr "Cambiar opciones generales de ScummVM"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:625
msgid "~S~tart"
msgstr "~J~ugar"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:625
msgid "Start selected game"
msgstr "Jugar al juego seleccionado"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:628
msgid "~L~oad..."
msgstr "~C~argar..."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:628
msgid "Load savegame for selected game"
msgstr "Cargar partida del juego seleccionado"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:633 gui/launcher.cpp:1120
msgid "~A~dd Game..."
msgstr "~A~ñadir juego..."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:633 gui/launcher.cpp:640
msgid "Hold Shift for Mass Add"
msgstr "Mantener pulsado Mayús para añadir varios juegos"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:635
msgid "~E~dit Game..."
msgstr "~E~ditar juego..."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:635 gui/launcher.cpp:642
msgid "Change game options"
msgstr "Cambiar opciones de juego"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:637
msgid "~R~emove Game"
msgstr "E~l~iminar juego"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:637 gui/launcher.cpp:644
msgid "Remove game from the list. The game data files stay intact"
msgstr "Eliminar el juego de la lista. Los archivos no se borran"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:640 gui/launcher.cpp:1120
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "~A~dd Game..."
msgstr "~A~ñadir..."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:642
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "~E~dit Game..."
msgstr "~E~ditar..."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:644
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "~R~emove Game"
msgstr "E~l~iminar"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:652
msgid "Search in game list"
msgstr "Buscar en la lista de juegos"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:656 gui/launcher.cpp:1167
msgid "Search:"
msgstr "Buscar:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:680 engines/dialogs.cpp:114 engines/mohawk/myst.cpp:245
#: engines/mohawk/riven.cpp:716 engines/cruise/menu.cpp:214
msgid "Load game:"
msgstr "Cargar juego:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:680 engines/dialogs.cpp:114 engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:188
#: engines/mohawk/myst.cpp:245 engines/mohawk/riven.cpp:716
#: engines/cruise/menu.cpp:214 backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:267
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:231
msgid "Load"
msgstr "Cargar"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:788
msgid ""
"Do you really want to run the mass game detector? This could potentially add "
"a huge number of games."
msgstr ""
"¿Seguro que quieres ejecutar la detección masiva? Puede que se añada un gran "
"número de juegos."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:789 gui/launcher.cpp:937
#: backends/events/symbiansdl/symbiansdl-events.cpp:184
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:326
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:287
#: backends/platform/wince/CELauncherDialog.cpp:83
msgid "Yes"
msgstr "Sí"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:789 gui/launcher.cpp:937
#: backends/events/symbiansdl/symbiansdl-events.cpp:184
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:326
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:287
#: backends/platform/wince/CELauncherDialog.cpp:83
msgid "No"
msgstr "No"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:837
msgid "ScummVM couldn't open the specified directory!"
msgstr "¡ScummVM no ha podido abrir el directorio!"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:849
msgid "ScummVM could not find any game in the specified directory!"
msgstr "¡ScummVM no ha encontrado ningún juego en el directorio!"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:863
msgid "Pick the game:"
msgstr "Elige el juego:"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:937
msgid "Do you really want to remove this game configuration?"
msgstr "¿Seguro que quieres eliminar la configuración de este juego?"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:1001
msgid "This game does not support loading games from the launcher."
msgstr "Este juego no permite cargar partidas desde el lanzador."
#: gui/launcher.cpp:1005
msgid "ScummVM could not find any engine capable of running the selected game!"
msgstr ""
"¡ScummVM no ha podido encontrar ningún motor capaz de ejecutar el juego!"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:1119
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Mass Add..."
msgstr "Añad. varios"
#: gui/launcher.cpp:1119
msgid "Mass Add..."
msgstr "Añadir varios..."
#: gui/massadd.cpp:78 gui/massadd.cpp:81
msgid "... progress ..."
msgstr "... progreso..."
#: gui/massadd.cpp:258
msgid "Scan complete!"
msgstr "¡Búsqueda completada!"
#: gui/massadd.cpp:261
#, c-format
msgid "Discovered %d new games, ignored %d previously added games."
msgstr "%d juegos nuevos encontrados. %d juegos ignorados (ya añadidos)."
#: gui/massadd.cpp:265
#, c-format
msgid "Scanned %d directories ..."
msgstr "Se ha buscado en %d directorios..."
#: gui/massadd.cpp:268
#, c-format
msgid "Discovered %d new games, ignored %d previously added games ..."
msgstr "%d juegos nuevos encontrados. %d juegos ignorados (ya añadidos)..."
#: gui/options.cpp:78
msgid "Never"
msgstr "Nunca"
#: gui/options.cpp:78
msgid "every 5 mins"
msgstr "cada 5 minutos"
#: gui/options.cpp:78
msgid "every 10 mins"
msgstr "cada 10 minutos"
#: gui/options.cpp:78
msgid "every 15 mins"
msgstr "cada 15 minutos"
#: gui/options.cpp:78
msgid "every 30 mins"
msgstr "cada 30 minutos"
#: gui/options.cpp:80
msgid "8 kHz"
msgstr "8 kHz"
#: gui/options.cpp:80
msgid "11kHz"
msgstr "11kHz"
#: gui/options.cpp:80
msgid "22 kHz"
msgstr "22 kHz"
#: gui/options.cpp:80
msgid "44 kHz"
msgstr "44 kHz"
#: gui/options.cpp:80
msgid "48 kHz"
msgstr "48 kHz"
#: gui/options.cpp:248 gui/options.cpp:474 gui/options.cpp:575
#: gui/options.cpp:644 gui/options.cpp:852
msgctxt "soundfont"
msgid "None"
msgstr "Ninguno"
#: gui/options.cpp:382
msgid "Failed to apply some of the graphic options changes:"
msgstr "Fallo al aplicar algunos cambios en las opciones gráficas:"
#: gui/options.cpp:394
msgid "the video mode could not be changed."
msgstr "no se ha podido cambiar el modo de vídeo."
#: gui/options.cpp:400
msgid "the fullscreen setting could not be changed"
msgstr "no se ha podido cambiar el ajuste de pantalla completa"
#: gui/options.cpp:406
msgid "the aspect ratio setting could not be changed"
msgstr "no se ha podido cambiar el ajuste de corrección de aspecto"
#: gui/options.cpp:727
msgid "Graphics mode:"
msgstr "Modo gráfico:"
#: gui/options.cpp:741
msgid "Render mode:"
msgstr "Renderizado:"
#: gui/options.cpp:741 gui/options.cpp:742
msgid "Special dithering modes supported by some games"
msgstr "Modos especiales de expansión compatibles con algunos juegos"
#: gui/options.cpp:753
#: backends/graphics/surfacesdl/surfacesdl-graphics.cpp:2236
#: backends/graphics/openglsdl/openglsdl-graphics.cpp:472
msgid "Fullscreen mode"
msgstr "Pantalla completa"
#: gui/options.cpp:756
msgid "Aspect ratio correction"
msgstr "Corrección de aspecto"
#: gui/options.cpp:756
msgid "Correct aspect ratio for 320x200 games"
msgstr "Corregir relación de aspecto en juegos 320x200"
#: gui/options.cpp:764
msgid "Preferred Device:"
msgstr "Disp. preferido:"
#: gui/options.cpp:764
msgid "Music Device:"
msgstr "Disp. de música:"
#: gui/options.cpp:764 gui/options.cpp:766
msgid "Specifies preferred sound device or sound card emulator"
msgstr ""
"Especifica qué dispositivo de sonido o emulador de tarjeta de sonido "
#: gui/options.cpp:764 gui/options.cpp:766 gui/options.cpp:767
msgid "Specifies output sound device or sound card emulator"
msgstr ""
"Especifica el dispositivo de sonido o emulador de tarjeta de sonido de salida"
#: gui/options.cpp:766
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Preferred Dev.:"
msgstr "Disp. preferido:"
#: gui/options.cpp:766
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Music Device:"
msgstr "Disp. de música:"
#: gui/options.cpp:793
msgid "AdLib emulator:"
msgstr "Emul. de AdLib:"
#: gui/options.cpp:793 gui/options.cpp:794
msgid "AdLib is used for music in many games"
msgstr "AdLib se usa para la música en muchos juegos"
#: gui/options.cpp:804
msgid "Output rate:"
msgstr "Frec. de salida:"
#: gui/options.cpp:804 gui/options.cpp:805
msgid ""
"Higher value specifies better sound quality but may be not supported by your "
msgstr ""
"Los valores más altos ofrecen mayor calidad, pero puede que tu tarjeta de "
"sonido no sea compatible"
#: gui/options.cpp:815
msgid "GM Device:"
msgstr "Dispositivo GM:"
#: gui/options.cpp:815
msgid "Specifies default sound device for General MIDI output"
msgstr "Especifica el dispositivo de salida General MIDI por defecto"
#: gui/options.cpp:826
msgid "Don't use General MIDI music"
msgstr "No usar música General MIDI"
#: gui/options.cpp:837 gui/options.cpp:899
msgid "Use first available device"
msgstr "Utilizar el primer dispositivo disponible"
#: gui/options.cpp:849
msgid "SoundFont:"
msgstr "SoundFont:"
#: gui/options.cpp:849 gui/options.cpp:851 gui/options.cpp:852
msgid "SoundFont is supported by some audio cards, Fluidsynth and Timidity"
msgstr ""
"SoundFont es compatible con algunas tarjetas de sonido, con Fluidsynth y con "
#: gui/options.cpp:851
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "SoundFont:"
msgstr "SoundFont:"
#: gui/options.cpp:857
msgid "Mixed AdLib/MIDI mode"
msgstr "Modo AdLib/MIDI"
#: gui/options.cpp:857
msgid "Use both MIDI and AdLib sound generation"
msgstr "Usar tanto MIDI como AdLib en la generación de sonido"
#: gui/options.cpp:860
msgid "MIDI gain:"
msgstr "Ganancia MIDI:"
#: gui/options.cpp:870
msgid "MT-32 Device:"
msgstr "Disp. MT-32:"
#: gui/options.cpp:870
msgid "Specifies default sound device for Roland MT-32/LAPC1/CM32l/CM64 output"
msgstr ""
"Especifica el dispositivo de sonido para la salida Roland MT-32/LAPC1/CM32l/"
"CM64 por defecto"
#: gui/options.cpp:875
msgid "True Roland MT-32 (disable GM emulation)"
msgstr "Roland MT-32 auténtica (desactivar emulación GM)"
#: gui/options.cpp:875 gui/options.cpp:877
msgid ""
"Check if you want to use your real hardware Roland-compatible sound device "
"connected to your computer"
msgstr ""
"Marcar si se quiere usar un dispositivo de sonido real conectado al "
"ordenador y compatible con Roland"
#: gui/options.cpp:877
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "True Roland MT-32 (no GM emulation)"
msgstr "Roland MT-32 real (sin emulación GM)"
#: gui/options.cpp:880
msgid "Enable Roland GS Mode"
msgstr "Activar modo Roland GS"
#: gui/options.cpp:880
msgid "Turns off General MIDI mapping for games with Roland MT-32 soundtrack"
msgstr "Desactiva la conversión General MIDI en juegos con sonido Roland MT-32"
#: gui/options.cpp:889
msgid "Don't use Roland MT-32 music"
msgstr "No usar música Roland MT-32"
#: gui/options.cpp:916
msgid "Text and Speech:"
msgstr "Texto y voces:"
#: gui/options.cpp:920 gui/options.cpp:930
msgid "Speech"
msgstr "Voces"
#: gui/options.cpp:921 gui/options.cpp:931
msgid "Subtitles"
msgstr "Subtítulos"
#: gui/options.cpp:922
msgid "Both"
msgstr "Ambos"
#: gui/options.cpp:924
msgid "Subtitle speed:"
msgstr "Vel. de subtítulos:"
#: gui/options.cpp:926
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Text and Speech:"
msgstr "Texto y voces:"
#: gui/options.cpp:930
msgid "Spch"
msgstr "Voz"
#: gui/options.cpp:931
msgid "Subs"
msgstr "Subt"
#: gui/options.cpp:932
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Both"
msgstr "V&S"
#: gui/options.cpp:932
msgid "Show subtitles and play speech"
msgstr "Reproducir voces y subtítulos"
#: gui/options.cpp:934
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Subtitle speed:"
msgstr "Vel. de subt.:"
#: gui/options.cpp:950
msgid "Music volume:"
msgstr "Música:"
#: gui/options.cpp:952
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Music volume:"
msgstr "Música:"
#: gui/options.cpp:959
msgid "Mute All"
msgstr "Silenciar"
#: gui/options.cpp:962
msgid "SFX volume:"
msgstr "Efectos:"
#: gui/options.cpp:962 gui/options.cpp:964 gui/options.cpp:965
msgid "Special sound effects volume"
msgstr "Volumen de los efectos de sonido"
#: gui/options.cpp:964
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "SFX volume:"
msgstr "Efectos:"
#: gui/options.cpp:972
msgid "Speech volume:"
msgstr "Voces:"
#: gui/options.cpp:974
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Speech volume:"
msgstr "Voces:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1131
msgid "Theme Path:"
msgstr "Temas:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1133
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Theme Path:"
msgstr "Temas:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1139 gui/options.cpp:1141 gui/options.cpp:1142
msgid "Specifies path to additional data used by all games or ScummVM"
msgstr "Especifica el directorio adicional usado por los juegos y ScummVM"
#: gui/options.cpp:1148
msgid "Plugins Path:"
msgstr "Plugins:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1150
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Plugins Path:"
msgstr "Plugins:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1159
msgid "Misc"
msgstr "Otras"
#: gui/options.cpp:1161
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Misc"
msgstr "Otras"
#: gui/options.cpp:1163
msgid "Theme:"
msgstr "Tema:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1167
msgid "GUI Renderer:"
msgstr "Interfaz:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1179
msgid "Autosave:"
msgstr "Autoguardado:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1181
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Autosave:"
msgstr "Autoguardado:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1189
msgid "Keys"
msgstr "Teclas"
#: gui/options.cpp:1196
msgid "GUI Language:"
msgstr "Idioma:"
#: gui/options.cpp:1196
msgid "Language of ScummVM GUI"
msgstr "Idioma de la interfaz de ScummVM"
#: gui/options.cpp:1347
msgid "You have to restart ScummVM before your changes will take effect."
msgstr "Tienes que reiniciar ScummVM para aplicar los cambios."
#: gui/options.cpp:1360
msgid "Select directory for savegames"
msgstr "Selecciona el directorio de guardado"
#: gui/options.cpp:1367
msgid "The chosen directory cannot be written to. Please select another one."
msgstr ""
"No se puede escribir en el directorio elegido. Por favor, selecciona otro."
#: gui/options.cpp:1376
msgid "Select directory for GUI themes"
msgstr "Selecciona el directorio de temas"
#: gui/options.cpp:1386
msgid "Select directory for extra files"
msgstr "Selecciona el directorio adicional"
#: gui/options.cpp:1397
msgid "Select directory for plugins"
msgstr "Selecciona el directorio de plugins"
#: gui/options.cpp:1450
msgid ""
"The theme you selected does not support your current language. If you want "
"to use this theme you need to switch to another language first."
msgstr ""
"El tema seleccionado no es compatible con el idioma actual. Si quieres usar "
"este tema debes cambiar a otro idioma primero."
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:158
msgid "List view"
msgstr ""
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:159
msgid "Grid view"
msgstr ""
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:202 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:350
msgid "No date saved"
msgstr "No hay fecha guardada"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:203 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:351
msgid "No time saved"
msgstr "No hay hora guardada"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:204 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:352
msgid "No playtime saved"
msgstr "No hay tiempo guardado"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:211 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:267
msgid "Delete"
msgstr "Borrar"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:266
msgid "Do you really want to delete this savegame?"
msgstr "¿Seguro que quieres borrar esta partida?"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:375 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:796
msgid "Date: "
msgstr "Fecha: "
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:379 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:802
msgid "Time: "
msgstr "Hora: "
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:385 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:810
msgid "Playtime: "
msgstr "Tiempo: "
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:398 gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:465
msgid "Untitled savestate"
msgstr "Partida sin nombre"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:517
msgid "Next"
msgstr ""
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:520
msgid "Prev"
msgstr ""
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:684
#, fuzzy
msgid "New Save"
msgstr "Guardar"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:684
#, fuzzy
msgid "Create a new save game"
msgstr "Fallo al guardar la partida"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:789
#, fuzzy
msgid "Name: "
msgstr "Nombre:"
#: gui/saveload-dialog.cpp:861
#, c-format
msgid "Enter a description for slot %d:"
msgstr ""
#: gui/themebrowser.cpp:44
msgid "Select a Theme"
msgstr "Selecciona un tema"
#: gui/ThemeEngine.cpp:337
msgid "Disabled GFX"
msgstr "GFX desactivados"
#: gui/ThemeEngine.cpp:337
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Disabled GFX"
msgstr "GFX desactivados"
#: gui/ThemeEngine.cpp:338
msgid "Standard Renderer (16bpp)"
msgstr "Estándar (16bpp)"
#: gui/ThemeEngine.cpp:338
msgid "Standard (16bpp)"
msgstr "Estándar (16bpp)"
#: gui/ThemeEngine.cpp:340
msgid "Antialiased Renderer (16bpp)"
msgstr "Suavizado (16bpp)"
#: gui/ThemeEngine.cpp:340
msgid "Antialiased (16bpp)"
msgstr "Suavizado (16bpp)"
#: gui/widget.cpp:322 gui/widget.cpp:324 gui/widget.cpp:330 gui/widget.cpp:332
msgid "Clear value"
msgstr "Eliminar valor"
#: base/main.cpp:209
#, c-format
msgid "Engine does not support debug level '%s'"
msgstr "El motor no es compatible con el nivel de debug '%s'"
#: base/main.cpp:287
msgid "Menu"
msgstr "Menú"
#: base/main.cpp:290 backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:45
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:45
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:46
msgid "Skip"
msgstr "Saltar"
#: base/main.cpp:293 backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:50
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:42
msgid "Pause"
msgstr "Pausar"
#: base/main.cpp:296
msgid "Skip line"
msgstr "Saltar frase"
#: base/main.cpp:467
msgid "Error running game:"
msgstr "Error al ejecutar el juego:"
#: base/main.cpp:491
msgid "Could not find any engine capable of running the selected game"
msgstr "No se ha podido encontrar ningún motor capaz de ejecutar el juego"
#: common/error.cpp:38
msgid "No error"
msgstr "Ningún error"
#: common/error.cpp:40
msgid "Game data not found"
msgstr "No se han encontrado datos de juego"
#: common/error.cpp:42
msgid "Game id not supported"
msgstr "ID del juego no compatible"
#: common/error.cpp:44
msgid "Unsupported color mode"
msgstr "Modo de color no compatible"
#: common/error.cpp:47
msgid "Read permission denied"
msgstr "Permiso de lectura denegado"
#: common/error.cpp:49
msgid "Write permission denied"
msgstr "Permiso de escritura denegado"
#: common/error.cpp:52
msgid "Path does not exist"
msgstr "La ruta no existe"
#: common/error.cpp:54
msgid "Path not a directory"
msgstr "La ruta no es un directorio"
#: common/error.cpp:56
msgid "Path not a file"
msgstr "La ruta no es un archivo"
#: common/error.cpp:59
msgid "Cannot create file"
msgstr "Imposible crear el archivo"
#: common/error.cpp:61
msgid "Reading data failed"
msgstr "Fallo de lectura"
#: common/error.cpp:63
msgid "Writing data failed"
msgstr "Fallo en la escritura de datos"
#: common/error.cpp:66
msgid "Could not find suitable engine plugin"
msgstr "No se ha encontrado un plugin adecuado"
#: common/error.cpp:68
msgid "Engine plugin does not support save states"
msgstr "El plugin del motor no es compatible con partidas guardadas"
#: common/error.cpp:71
msgid "User canceled"
msgstr "Cancel·lat per l'usuari"
#: common/error.cpp:75
msgid "Unknown error"
msgstr "Error desconocido"
#: engines/advancedDetector.cpp:316
#, c-format
msgid "The game in '%s' seems to be unknown."
msgstr "El juego en '%s' parece ser desconocido."
#: engines/advancedDetector.cpp:317
msgid "Please, report the following data to the ScummVM team along with name"
msgstr "Por favor, envía al equipo de ScummVM esta información junto al nombre"
#: engines/advancedDetector.cpp:319
msgid "of the game you tried to add and its version/language/etc.:"
msgstr "del juego que has intentado añadir y su versión/idioma/etc.:"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:84
msgid "~R~esume"
msgstr "~R~eanudar"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:86
msgid "~L~oad"
msgstr "~C~argar"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:90
msgid "~S~ave"
msgstr "~G~uardar"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:94
msgid "~O~ptions"
msgstr "~O~pciones"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:99
msgid "~H~elp"
msgstr "~A~yuda"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:101
msgid "~A~bout"
msgstr "Acerca ~d~e"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:104 engines/dialogs.cpp:180
msgid "~R~eturn to Launcher"
msgstr "~V~olver al lanzador"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:106 engines/dialogs.cpp:182
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "~R~eturn to Launcher"
msgstr "~V~olver al lanzador"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:115 engines/agi/saveload.cpp:803
#: engines/cruise/menu.cpp:212 engines/sci/engine/kfile.cpp:742
msgid "Save game:"
msgstr "Guardar partida"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:115 engines/agi/saveload.cpp:803
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:187 engines/cruise/menu.cpp:212
#: engines/sci/engine/kfile.cpp:742
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:44
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:43
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:267
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:45
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:231
msgid "Save"
msgstr "Guardar"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:144
msgid ""
"Sorry, this engine does not currently provide in-game help. Please consult "
"the README for basic information, and for instructions on how to obtain "
"further assistance."
msgstr ""
"Lo sentimos, aún no hay ayuda disponible para este juego. Por favor, "
"consulta el archivo README para encontrar información básica e instrucciones "
"para obtener más ayuda."
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:228
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Gamestate save failed (%s)! Please consult the README for basic information, "
"and for instructions on how to obtain further assistance."
msgstr ""
"Ha habido un fallo al guardar la partida (%s). Por favor, consulta el "
"archivo README para encontrar información básica e instrucciones sobre cómo "
"obtener más ayuda."
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:301 engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:109
#: engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:174
msgid "~O~K"
msgstr "~S~í"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:302 engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:110
#: engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:175
msgid "~C~ancel"
msgstr "~C~ancelar"
#: engines/dialogs.cpp:305
msgid "~K~eys"
msgstr "~T~eclas"
#: engines/engine.cpp:235
msgid "Could not initialize color format."
msgstr "No se ha podido iniciar el formato de color."
#: engines/engine.cpp:243
msgid "Could not switch to video mode: '"
msgstr "No se ha podido cambiar al modo de video: '"
#: engines/engine.cpp:252
msgid "Could not apply aspect ratio setting."
msgstr "No se ha podido aplicar el ajuste de corrección de aspecto"
#: engines/engine.cpp:257
msgid "Could not apply fullscreen setting."
msgstr "No se ha podido aplicar el ajuste de pantalla completa."
#: engines/engine.cpp:357
msgid ""
"You appear to be playing this game directly\n"
"from the CD. This is known to cause problems,\n"
"and it is therefore recommended that you copy\n"
"the data files to your hard disk instead.\n"
"See the README file for details."
msgstr ""
"Parece que estás ejecutando este juego\n"
"directamente desde el CD. Esto puede\n"
"provocar problemas, así que es recomendable\n"
"copiar los archivos del juego al disco duro.\n"
"Consulta el archivo README para más detalles."
#: engines/engine.cpp:368
msgid ""
"This game has audio tracks in its disk. These\n"
"tracks need to be ripped from the disk using\n"
"an appropriate CD audio extracting tool in\n"
"order to listen to the game's music.\n"
"See the README file for details."
msgstr ""
"Este juego incluye pistas de audio en el disco.\n"
"Es necesario extraer estas pistas utilizando un\n"
"programa de extracción de CD audio para\n"
"poder escuchar la música del juego.\n"
"Consulta el archivo README para más detalles."
#: engines/engine.cpp:426
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Gamestate load failed (%s)! Please consult the README for basic information, "
"and for instructions on how to obtain further assistance."
msgstr ""
"Ha habido un fallo al cargar la partida (%s). Por favor, consulta el archivo "
"README para encontrar información básica e instrucciones sobre cómo obtener "
"más ayuda."
#: engines/engine.cpp:439
msgid ""
"WARNING: The game you are about to start is not yet fully supported by "
"ScummVM. As such, it is likely to be unstable, and any saves you make might "
"not work in future versions of ScummVM."
msgstr ""
"AVISO: El juego que vas a ejecutar aún no es totalmente compatible con "
"ScummVM. Por lo tanto, puede que sea inestable, y que las partidas que "
"guardes no funcionen en versiones futuras de ScummVM."
#: engines/engine.cpp:442
msgid "Start anyway"
msgstr "Jugar aun así"
#: engines/agi/detection.cpp:145 engines/dreamweb/detection.cpp:47
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:390
msgid "Use original save/load screens"
msgstr "Usar pantallas de guardar/cargar originales"
#: engines/agi/detection.cpp:146 engines/dreamweb/detection.cpp:48
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:391
msgid "Use the original save/load screens, instead of the ScummVM ones"
msgstr ""
"Utilizar las pantallas de guardar/cargar originales, en vez de las de ScummVM"
#: engines/agi/saveload.cpp:816 engines/sci/engine/kfile.cpp:838
msgid "Restore game:"
msgstr "Cargar partida:"
#: engines/agi/saveload.cpp:816 engines/sci/engine/kfile.cpp:838
msgid "Restore"
msgstr "Cargar"
#: engines/dreamweb/detection.cpp:57
msgid "Use bright palette mode"
msgstr "Usar paleta original"
#: engines/dreamweb/detection.cpp:58
msgid "Display graphics using the game's bright palette"
msgstr "Utilizar los niveles de brillo originales del juego"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:370
msgid "EGA undithering"
msgstr "Difuminado EGA"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:371
msgid "Enable undithering in EGA games"
msgstr "Activar difuminado en los juegos EGA"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:380
msgid "Prefer digital sound effects"
msgstr "Preferir efectos de sonido digitales"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:381
msgid "Prefer digital sound effects instead of synthesized ones"
msgstr "Preferir efectos de sonido digitales en vez de los sintetizados"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:400
msgid "Use IMF/Yamaha FB-01 for MIDI output"
msgstr "Usar IMF/Yamaha FB-01 para la salida MIDI"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:401
msgid ""
"Use an IBM Music Feature card or a Yamaha FB-01 FM synth module for MIDI "
msgstr ""
"Usa una tarjeta IBM Music o un módulo sintetizador Yamaha FB-01 FM para la "
"salida MIDI"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:411
msgid "Use CD audio"
msgstr "Usar CD audio"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:412
msgid "Use CD audio instead of in-game audio, if available"
msgstr "Usa CD audio en vez del sonido interno del juego, si está disponible"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:422
msgid "Use Windows cursors"
msgstr "Usar cursores de Windows"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:423
msgid ""
"Use the Windows cursors (smaller and monochrome) instead of the DOS ones"
msgstr ""
"Usar los cursores de Windows (más pequeños y monocromos) en vez de los de DOS"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:433
msgid "Use silver cursors"
msgstr "Usar cursores plateados"
#: engines/sci/detection.cpp:434
msgid ""
"Use the alternate set of silver cursors, instead of the normal golden ones"
msgstr ""
"Usar los cursores plateados alternativos, en vez de los dorados normales"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:175
#, c-format
msgid "Insert Disk %c and Press Button to Continue."
msgstr "Inserta el disco %c y pulsa un botón para continuar."
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:176
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to Find %s, (%c%d) Press Button."
msgstr "No se ha podido encontrar %s, (%c%d) Pulsa un botón."
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:177
#, c-format
msgid "Error reading disk %c, (%c%d) Press Button."
msgstr "Error leyendo el disco %c, (%c%d) Pulsa un botón."
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:178
msgid "Game Paused. Press SPACE to Continue."
msgstr "Juego pausado. Pulsa Espacio para continuar."
#. I18N: You may specify 'Yes' symbol at the end of the line, like this:
#. "Moechten Sie wirklich neu starten? (J/N)J"
#. Will react to J as 'Yes'
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:182
msgid "Are you sure you want to restart? (Y/N)"
msgstr "¿Seguro que quieres reiniciar? (S/N)S"
#. I18N: you may specify 'Yes' symbol at the end of the line. See previous comment
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:184
msgid "Are you sure you want to quit? (Y/N)"
msgstr "¿Seguro que quieres salir? (S/N)S"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:189
msgid "Play"
msgstr "Jugar"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:191 engines/scumm/help.cpp:82
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:84
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:52
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:44
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:52
#: backends/events/default/default-events.cpp:213
msgid "Quit"
msgstr "Salir"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:193
msgid "Insert save/load game disk"
msgstr "Inserta el disco de las partidas guardadas"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:194
msgid "You must enter a name"
msgstr "Tienes que introducir un nombre"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:195
msgid "The game was NOT saved (disk full?)"
msgstr "La partida no se ha guardado (¿disco lleno?)"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:196
msgid "The game was NOT loaded"
msgstr "La partida no se ha cargado"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:197
#, c-format
msgid "Saving '%s'"
msgstr "Guardando '%s'"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:198
#, c-format
msgid "Loading '%s'"
msgstr "Cargando '%s'"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:199
msgid "Name your SAVE game"
msgstr "Pon nombre a tu partida"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:200
msgid "Select a game to LOAD"
msgstr "Selecciona un juego para cargar"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:201
msgid "Game title)"
msgstr "Título del juego)"
#. I18N: Previous page button
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:287
msgid "~P~revious"
msgstr "~A~nterior"
#. I18N: Next page button
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:289
msgid "~N~ext"
msgstr "Si~g~uiente"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:290
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:56
msgid "~C~lose"
msgstr "Cerra~r~"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:597
msgid "Speech Only"
msgstr "Solo voces"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:598
msgid "Speech and Subtitles"
msgstr "Voces y subtítulos"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:599
msgid "Subtitles Only"
msgstr "Solo subtítulos"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:607
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Speech & Subs"
msgstr "Voces y sub."
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:653
msgid "Select a Proficiency Level."
msgstr "Selecciona un nivel de dificultad."
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:655
msgid "Refer to your Loom(TM) manual for help."
msgstr "Consulta el manual para obtener más información."
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:658
msgid "Standard"
msgstr "Estándar"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:659
msgid "Practice"
msgstr "Práctica"
#: engines/scumm/dialogs.cpp:660
msgid "Expert"
msgstr "Experto"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:73
msgid "Common keyboard commands:"
msgstr "Comandos básicos de teclado:"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:74
msgid "Save / Load dialog"
msgstr "Pantalla de guardar / cargar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:76
msgid "Skip line of text"
msgstr "Saltar frase"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:77
msgid "Esc"
msgstr "Esc"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:77
msgid "Skip cutscene"
msgstr "Saltar escena"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:78
msgid "Space"
msgstr "Espacio"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:78
msgid "Pause game"
msgstr "Pausar el juego"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:79 engines/scumm/help.cpp:84
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:95 engines/scumm/help.cpp:96
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:97 engines/scumm/help.cpp:98
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:99 engines/scumm/help.cpp:100
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:101 engines/scumm/help.cpp:102
msgid "Ctrl"
msgstr "Ctrl"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:79
msgid "Load game state 1-10"
msgstr "Cargar partida 1-10"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:80 engines/scumm/help.cpp:84
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:86 engines/scumm/help.cpp:100
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:101 engines/scumm/help.cpp:102
msgid "Alt"
msgstr "Alt"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:80
msgid "Save game state 1-10"
msgstr "Guardar partida 1-10"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:86 engines/scumm/help.cpp:89
msgid "Enter"
msgstr "Enter"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:86
msgid "Toggle fullscreen"
msgstr "Activar pantalla completa"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:87
msgid "Music volume up / down"
msgstr "Subir / Bajar el volumen de la música"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:88
msgid "Text speed slower / faster"
msgstr "Aumentar / Disminuir la vel. de texto"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:89
msgid "Simulate left mouse button"
msgstr "Simular botón izquierdo del ratón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:90
msgid "Tab"
msgstr "Tab"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:90
msgid "Simulate right mouse button"
msgstr "Simular botón derecho del ratón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:93
msgid "Special keyboard commands:"
msgstr "Comandos especiales de teclado:"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:94
msgid "Show / Hide console"
msgstr "Mostrar / Ocultar consola"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:95
msgid "Start the debugger"
msgstr "Iniciar debugger"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:96
msgid "Show memory consumption"
msgstr "Mostrar consumo de memoria"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:97
msgid "Run in fast mode (*)"
msgstr "Ejecutar en modo rápido (*)"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:98
msgid "Run in really fast mode (*)"
msgstr "Ejecutar en modo muy rápido (*)"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:99
msgid "Toggle mouse capture"
msgstr "Captura de ratón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:100
msgid "Switch between graphics filters"
msgstr "Alternar entre filtros gráficos"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:101
msgid "Increase / Decrease scale factor"
msgstr "Aumentar / Disminuir factor de escalado"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:102
msgid "Toggle aspect-ratio correction"
msgstr "Corrección de aspecto"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:107
msgid "* Note that using ctrl-f and"
msgstr "* No se recomienda utilizar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:108
msgid " ctrl-g are not recommended"
msgstr " ctrl-f y ctrl-g, ya que pueden"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:109
msgid " since they may cause crashes"
msgstr " provocar cuelgues o un"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:110
msgid " or incorrect game behavior."
msgstr " funcionamiento incorrecto del juego."
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:114
msgid "Spinning drafts on the keyboard:"
msgstr "Tejer hechizos con el teclado:"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:116
msgid "Main game controls:"
msgstr "Controles básicos:"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:121 engines/scumm/help.cpp:136
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:161
msgid "Push"
msgstr "Empujar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:122 engines/scumm/help.cpp:137
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:162
msgid "Pull"
msgstr "Tirar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:123 engines/scumm/help.cpp:138
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:163 engines/scumm/help.cpp:197
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:207
msgid "Give"
msgstr "Dar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:124 engines/scumm/help.cpp:139
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:164 engines/scumm/help.cpp:190
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:208
msgid "Open"
msgstr "Abrir"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:126
msgid "Go to"
msgstr "Ir a"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:127
msgid "Get"
msgstr "Coger"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:128 engines/scumm/help.cpp:152
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:170 engines/scumm/help.cpp:198
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:213 engines/scumm/help.cpp:224
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:250
msgid "Use"
msgstr "Usar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:129 engines/scumm/help.cpp:141
msgid "Read"
msgstr "Leer"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:130 engines/scumm/help.cpp:147
msgid "New kid"
msgstr "Cambiar personaje"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:131 engines/scumm/help.cpp:153
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:171
msgid "Turn on"
msgstr "Encender"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:132 engines/scumm/help.cpp:154
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:172
msgid "Turn off"
msgstr "Apagar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:142 engines/scumm/help.cpp:167
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:194
msgid "Walk to"
msgstr "Ir a"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:143 engines/scumm/help.cpp:168
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:195 engines/scumm/help.cpp:210
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:227
msgid "Pick up"
msgstr "Recoger"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:144 engines/scumm/help.cpp:169
msgid "What is"
msgstr "Qué es"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:146
msgid "Unlock"
msgstr "Abrir con llave"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:149
msgid "Put on"
msgstr "Ponerse"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:150
msgid "Take off"
msgstr "Quitarse"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:156
msgid "Fix"
msgstr "Arreglar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:158
msgid "Switch"
msgstr "Cambiar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:166 engines/scumm/help.cpp:228
msgid "Look"
msgstr "Mirar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:173 engines/scumm/help.cpp:223
msgid "Talk"
msgstr "Hablar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:174
msgid "Travel"
msgstr "Viajar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:175
msgid "To Henry / To Indy"
msgstr "Henry / Indy"
#. I18N: These are different musical notes
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:179
msgid "play C minor on distaff"
msgstr "Tocar C menor con el bastón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:180
msgid "play D on distaff"
msgstr "Tocar D con el bastón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:181
msgid "play E on distaff"
msgstr "Tocar E con el bastón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:182
msgid "play F on distaff"
msgstr "Tocar F con el bastón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:183
msgid "play G on distaff"
msgstr "Tocar G con el bastón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:184
msgid "play A on distaff"
msgstr "Tocar A con el bastón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:185
msgid "play B on distaff"
msgstr "Tocar B con el bastón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:186
msgid "play C major on distaff"
msgstr "Tocar C mayor con el bastón"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:192 engines/scumm/help.cpp:214
msgid "puSh"
msgstr "Empujar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:193 engines/scumm/help.cpp:215
msgid "pull (Yank)"
msgstr "Tirar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:196 engines/scumm/help.cpp:212
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:248
msgid "Talk to"
msgstr "Hablar con"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:199 engines/scumm/help.cpp:211
msgid "Look at"
msgstr "Mirar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:200
msgid "turn oN"
msgstr "Encender"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:201
msgid "turn oFf"
msgstr "Apagar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:217
msgid "KeyUp"
msgstr "Arriba"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:217
msgid "Highlight prev dialogue"
msgstr "Seleccionar diálogo anterior"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:218
msgid "KeyDown"
msgstr "Abajo"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:218
msgid "Highlight next dialogue"
msgstr "Seleccionar diálogo siguiente"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:222
msgid "Walk"
msgstr "Caminar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:225 engines/scumm/help.cpp:234
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:241 engines/scumm/help.cpp:249
msgid "Inventory"
msgstr "Inventario"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:226
msgid "Object"
msgstr "Objeto"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:229
msgid "Black and White / Color"
msgstr "Blanco y negro / Color"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:232
msgid "Eyes"
msgstr "Ojos"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:233
msgid "Tongue"
msgstr "Lengua"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:235
msgid "Punch"
msgstr "Puñetazo"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:236
msgid "Kick"
msgstr "Patada"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:239 engines/scumm/help.cpp:247
msgid "Examine"
msgstr "Examinar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:240
msgid "Regular cursor"
msgstr "Cursor normal"
#. I18N: Comm is a communication device
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:243
msgid "Comm"
msgstr "Comm"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:246
msgid "Save / Load / Options"
msgstr "Guardar / Cargar / Opciones"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:255
msgid "Other game controls:"
msgstr "Otros controles:"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:257 engines/scumm/help.cpp:267
msgid "Inventory:"
msgstr "Inventario:"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:258 engines/scumm/help.cpp:274
msgid "Scroll list up"
msgstr "Subir"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:259 engines/scumm/help.cpp:275
msgid "Scroll list down"
msgstr "Bajar"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:260 engines/scumm/help.cpp:268
msgid "Upper left item"
msgstr "Objeto superior izquierdo"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:261 engines/scumm/help.cpp:270
msgid "Lower left item"
msgstr "Objeto inferior izquierdo"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:262 engines/scumm/help.cpp:271
msgid "Upper right item"
msgstr "Objeto superior derecho"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:263 engines/scumm/help.cpp:273
msgid "Lower right item"
msgstr "Objeto inferior derecho"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:269
msgid "Middle left item"
msgstr "Objeto izquierdo del medio"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:272
msgid "Middle right item"
msgstr "Objeto derecho del medio"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:279 engines/scumm/help.cpp:284
msgid "Switching characters:"
msgstr "Cambiar personaje:"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:281
msgid "Second kid"
msgstr "Segundo chaval"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:282
msgid "Third kid"
msgstr "Tercer chaval"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:294
msgid "Fighting controls (numpad):"
msgstr "Controles de lucha (tecl. num.):"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:295 engines/scumm/help.cpp:296
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:297
msgid "Step back"
msgstr "Retroceder"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:298
msgid "Block high"
msgstr "Bloqueo alto"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:299
msgid "Block middle"
msgstr "Bloqueo medio"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:300
msgid "Block low"
msgstr "Bloqueo bajo"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:301
msgid "Punch high"
msgstr "Puñetazo alto"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:302
msgid "Punch middle"
msgstr "Puñetazo medio"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:303
msgid "Punch low"
msgstr "Puñetazo bajo"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:306
msgid "These are for Indy on left."
msgstr "Válidos cuando Indy está a la izquierda."
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:307
msgid "When Indy is on the right,"
msgstr "Cuando Indy está a la derecha,"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:308
msgid "7, 4, and 1 are switched with"
msgstr "7, 4 y 1 se cambian por"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:309
msgid "9, 6, and 3, respectively."
msgstr "9, 6 y 3, respectivamente."
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:316
msgid "Biplane controls (numpad):"
msgstr "Controles del biplano (tecl. num.)"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:317
msgid "Fly to upper left"
msgstr "Volar arriba y a la izquierda"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:318
msgid "Fly to left"
msgstr "Volar a la izquierda"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:319
msgid "Fly to lower left"
msgstr "Volar abajo y a la izquierda"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:320
msgid "Fly upwards"
msgstr "Volar arriba"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:321
msgid "Fly straight"
msgstr "Volar recto"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:322
msgid "Fly down"
msgstr "Volar abajo"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:323
msgid "Fly to upper right"
msgstr "Volar arriba y a la derecha"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:324
msgid "Fly to right"
msgstr "Volar a la derecha"
#: engines/scumm/help.cpp:325
msgid "Fly to lower right"
msgstr "Volar abajo y a la derecha"
#: engines/scumm/scumm.cpp:1773
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Native MIDI support requires the Roland Upgrade from LucasArts,\n"
"but %s is missing. Using AdLib instead."
msgstr ""
"El soporte MIDI nativo requiere la actualización Roland de LucasArts,\n"
"pero %s no está disponible. Se usará AdLib."
#: engines/scumm/scumm.cpp:2278 engines/agos/saveload.cpp:220
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Failed to save game state to file:\n"
msgstr ""
"Fallo al guardar en el archivo:\n"
#: engines/scumm/scumm.cpp:2285 engines/agos/saveload.cpp:185
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Failed to load game state from file:\n"
msgstr ""
"Fallo al cargar desde el archivo:\n"
#: engines/scumm/scumm.cpp:2297 engines/agos/saveload.cpp:228
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Successfully saved game state in file:\n"
msgstr ""
"Partida guardada en el archivo:\n"
#: engines/scumm/scumm.cpp:2512
msgid ""
"Usually, Maniac Mansion would start now. But ScummVM doesn't do that yet. To "
"play it, go to 'Add Game' in the ScummVM start menu and select the 'Maniac' "
"directory inside the Tentacle game directory."
msgstr ""
"Maniac Mansion debería arrancar en este momento, pero ScummVM aún no lo "
"permite. Para jugar, ve a 'Añadir juego' en el menú de inicio de ScummVM y "
"selecciona el directorio 'Maniac', dentro del directorio de DOTT."
#. I18N: Option for fast scene switching
#: engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:92 engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:171
msgid "~Z~ip Mode Activated"
msgstr "Modo ~Z~ip activado"
#: engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:93
msgid "~T~ransitions Enabled"
msgstr "Tra~n~siciones activadas"
#. I18N: Drop book page
#: engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:95
msgid "~D~rop Page"
msgstr "~T~irar página"
#: engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:99
msgid "~S~how Map"
msgstr "~M~ostrar el mapa"
#: engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:105
msgid "~M~ain Menu"
msgstr "~M~enú principal"
#: engines/mohawk/dialogs.cpp:172
msgid "~W~ater Effect Enabled"
msgstr "Efecto ag~u~a activado"
#: engines/agos/animation.cpp:560
#, c-format
msgid "Cutscene file '%s' not found!"
msgstr "No se ha encontrado el vídeo '%s'"
#: engines/gob/inter_playtoons.cpp:256 engines/gob/inter_v2.cpp:1287
#: engines/tinsel/saveload.cpp:532
msgid "Failed to load game state from file."
msgstr "Fallo al cargar el estado del juego desde el archivo."
#: engines/gob/inter_v2.cpp:1357 engines/tinsel/saveload.cpp:545
msgid "Failed to save game state to file."
msgstr "Fallo al guardar el estado del juego en el archivo."
#: engines/gob/inter_v5.cpp:107
msgid "Failed to delete file."
msgstr "Fallo al borrar el archivo."
#: engines/groovie/script.cpp:420
msgid "Failed to save game"
msgstr "Fallo al guardar la partida"
#. I18N: Studio audience adds an applause and cheering sounds whenever
#. Malcolm makes a joke.
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:62
msgid "Studio audience"
msgstr "Risas del público"
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:63
msgid "Enable studio audience"
msgstr "Activa las risas del público"
#. I18N: This option allows the user to skip text and cutscenes.
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:73
msgid "Skip support"
msgstr "Permitir omisiones"
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:74
msgid "Allow text and cutscenes to be skipped"
msgstr "Permite saltarse frases y vídeos"
#. I18N: Helium mode makes people sound like they've inhaled Helium.
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:84
msgid "Helium mode"
msgstr "Modo helio"
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:85
msgid "Enable helium mode"
msgstr "Activa el modo helio"
#. I18N: When enabled, this option makes scrolling smoother when
#. changing from one screen to another.
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:99
msgid "Smooth scrolling"
msgstr "Desplazamiento suave"
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:100
msgid "Enable smooth scrolling when walking"
msgstr "Activa el desplazamiento de pantalla suave al caminar"
#. I18N: When enabled, this option changes the cursor when it floats to the
#. edge of the screen to a directional arrow. The player can then click to
#. walk towards that direction.
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:112
msgid "Floating cursors"
msgstr "Cursores flotantes"
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:113
msgid "Enable floating cursors"
msgstr "Activar cursores flotantes"
#. I18N: HP stands for Hit Points
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:127
msgid "HP bar graphs"
msgstr "Barras de energía"
#: engines/kyra/detection.cpp:128
msgid "Enable hit point bar graphs"
msgstr "Activa las barras de energía"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:478
msgid "Attack 1"
msgstr "Ataque 1"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:479
msgid "Attack 2"
msgstr "Ataque 2"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:480
msgid "Attack 3"
msgstr "Ataque 3"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:481
msgid "Move Forward"
msgstr "Avanzar"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:482
msgid "Move Back"
msgstr "Retroceder"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:483
msgid "Slide Left"
msgstr "Deslizarse a la izquierda"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:484
msgid "Slide Right"
msgstr "Deslizarse a la derecha"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:485
msgid "Turn Left"
msgstr "Girar a la izquierda"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:486
msgid "Turn Right"
msgstr "Girar a la derecha"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:487
msgid "Rest"
msgstr "Descansar"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:488
msgid "Options"
msgstr "Opciones"
#: engines/kyra/lol.cpp:489
msgid "Choose Spell"
msgstr "Elegir hechizo"
#: engines/kyra/sound_midi.cpp:475
msgid ""
"You appear to be using a General MIDI device,\n"
"but your game only supports Roland MT32 MIDI.\n"
"We try to map the Roland MT32 instruments to\n"
"General MIDI ones. It is still possible that\n"
"some tracks sound incorrect."
msgstr ""
"Estás usando un dispositivo General MIDI, pero el\n"
"juego solo es compatible con MIDI Roland MT32.\n"
"Intentamos adaptar los instrumentos Roland MT32\n"
"a los de General MIDI, pero es posible que algunas\n"
"de las pistas no suenen correctamente."
#: engines/queen/queen.cpp:59
msgid "Alternative intro"
msgstr ""
#: engines/queen/queen.cpp:60
#, fuzzy
msgid "Use an alternative game intro (CD version only)"
msgstr ""
"Usa la introducción de la versión en disquete (solo para la versión CD)"
#: engines/sky/compact.cpp:130
msgid ""
"Unable to find \"sky.cpt\" file!\n"
"Please download it from"
msgstr ""
"No se ha encontrado el archivo \"sky.cpt\"\n"
"Por favor, bájalo de"
#: engines/sky/compact.cpp:141
msgid ""
"The \"sky.cpt\" file has an incorrect size.\n"
"Please (re)download it from"
msgstr ""
"El archivo \"sky.cpt\" tiene un tamaño incorrecto.\n"
"Por favor, vuelve a bajarlo de"
#: engines/sky/detection.cpp:44
msgid "Floppy intro"
msgstr "Intro de disquete"
#: engines/sky/detection.cpp:45
msgid "Use the floppy version's intro (CD version only)"
msgstr ""
"Usa la introducción de la versión en disquete (solo para la versión CD)"
#: engines/sword1/animation.cpp:539
#, c-format
msgid "PSX stream cutscene '%s' cannot be played in paletted mode"
msgstr "El vídeo de PSX '%s' no se puede reproducir en modo paleta"
#: engines/sword1/animation.cpp:560 engines/sword2/animation.cpp:455
msgid "DXA cutscenes found but ScummVM has been built without zlib support"
msgstr ""
"Se han encontrado vídeos DXA, pero se ha compilado ScummVM sin soporte zlib"
#: engines/sword1/animation.cpp:570 engines/sword2/animation.cpp:465
msgid "MPEG2 cutscenes are no longer supported"
msgstr "Los vídeos MPEG2 ya no son compatibles"
#: engines/sword1/animation.cpp:576 engines/sword2/animation.cpp:473
#, c-format
msgid "Cutscene '%s' not found"
msgstr "No se ha encontrado el vídeo '%s'"
#: engines/sword1/control.cpp:863
msgid ""
"ScummVM found that you have old savefiles for Broken Sword 1 that should be "
"The old save game format is no longer supported, so you will not be able to "
"load your games if you don't convert them.\n"
"Press OK to convert them now, otherwise you will be asked again the next "
"time you start the game.\n"
msgstr ""
"ScummVM ha detectado que tienes partidas guardadas antiguas de Broken Sword "
"1, que deben ser actualizadas.\n"
"El formato antiguo ya no es compatible, así que no podrás cargar tus "
"partidos si no las actualizas.\n"
"Pulsa Aceptar para actualizarlas, si no lo haces este mensaje volverá a "
"aparecer la próxima vez.\n"
#: engines/sword1/control.cpp:1232
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Target new save game already exists!\n"
"Would you like to keep the old save game (%s) or the new one (%s)?\n"
msgstr ""
"¡La partida guardada ya existe!\n"
"¿Quieres conservar la partida guardada antigua (%s) o la nueva (%s)?\n"
#: engines/sword1/control.cpp:1235
msgid "Keep the old one"
msgstr "Conservar la antigua"
#: engines/sword1/control.cpp:1235
msgid "Keep the new one"
msgstr "Conservar la nueva"
#: engines/sword1/logic.cpp:1633
msgid "This is the end of the Broken Sword 1 Demo"
msgstr "Este es el final de la demo de Broken Sword 1"
#: engines/sword2/animation.cpp:435
msgid ""
"PSX cutscenes found but ScummVM has been built without RGB color support"
msgstr ""
"Se han encontrado vídeos PSX, pero se ha compilado ScummVM sin soporte de "
"color RGB"
#: engines/sword2/sword2.cpp:79
msgid "Show object labels"
msgstr "Mostrar etiquetas de objetos"
#: engines/sword2/sword2.cpp:80
msgid "Show labels for objects on mouse hover"
msgstr "Muestra las etiquetas de los objetos al pasar el ratón"
#: engines/teenagent/resources.cpp:68
msgid ""
"You're missing the 'teenagent.dat' file. Get it from the ScummVM website"
msgstr ""
#: engines/teenagent/resources.cpp:89
msgid ""
"The teenagent.dat file is compressed and zlib hasn't been included in this "
"executable. Please decompress it"
msgstr ""
#: engines/parallaction/saveload.cpp:133
#, c-format
msgid ""
"Can't save game in slot %i\n"
msgstr ""
"No se puede guardar en la ranura %i\n"
#: engines/parallaction/saveload.cpp:204
msgid "Loading game..."
msgstr "Cargando partida..."
#: engines/parallaction/saveload.cpp:219
msgid "Saving game..."
msgstr "Guardando partida..."
#: engines/parallaction/saveload.cpp:272
msgid ""
"ScummVM found that you have old savefiles for Nippon Safes that should be "
"The old names are no longer supported, so you will not be able to load your "
"games if you don't convert them.\n"
"Press OK to convert them now, otherwise you will be asked next time.\n"
msgstr ""
"ScummVM ha detectado que tienes partidas guardadas de Nippon Safes que hay "
"que renombrar.\n"
"Los nombres antiguos ya no son compatibles, así que no podrás cargar tus "
"partidas hasta que los actualices.\n"
"Pulsa Aceptar para actualizarlos, si no lo haces este mensaje volverá a "
"aparecer la próxima vez.\n"
#: engines/parallaction/saveload.cpp:319
msgid "ScummVM successfully converted all your savefiles."
msgstr "ScummVM ha convertido todas las partidas guardadas correctamente."
#: engines/parallaction/saveload.cpp:321
msgid ""
"ScummVM printed some warnings in your console window and can't guarantee all "
"your files have been converted.\n"
"Please report to the team."
msgstr ""
"ScummVM ha mostrado avisos en la ventana de la consola y no puede garantizar "
"que se hayan convertido todos tus archivos.\n"
"Por favor, contacta con el equipo."
#: audio/fmopl.cpp:49
msgid "MAME OPL emulator"
msgstr "Emulador OPL de MAME"
#: audio/fmopl.cpp:51
msgid "DOSBox OPL emulator"
msgstr "Emulador OPL de DOSBox"
#: audio/mididrv.cpp:209
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The selected audio device '%s' was not found (e.g. might be turned off or "
msgstr ""
"El dispositivo de sonido seleccionado, '%s', no se ha podido encontrar "
"(puede estar apagado o desconectado)."
#: audio/mididrv.cpp:209 audio/mididrv.cpp:221 audio/mididrv.cpp:257
#: audio/mididrv.cpp:272
msgid "Attempting to fall back to the next available device..."
msgstr "Recorriendo al siguiente dispositivo disponible..."
#: audio/mididrv.cpp:221
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The selected audio device '%s' cannot be used. See log file for more "
msgstr ""
"El dispositivo de sonido seleccionado, '%s', no se puede utilizar. Consulta "
"el registro para más información."
#: audio/mididrv.cpp:257
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The preferred audio device '%s' was not found (e.g. might be turned off or "
msgstr ""
"El dispositivo de sonido preferido, '%s', no se ha podido encontrar (puede "
"estar apagado o desconectado)."
#: audio/mididrv.cpp:272
#, c-format
msgid ""
"The preferred audio device '%s' cannot be used. See log file for more "
msgstr ""
"El dispositivo de sonido preferido, '%s', no se puede utilizar. Consulta el "
"registro para más información."
#: audio/null.h:43
msgid "No music"
msgstr "Sin música"
#: audio/mods/paula.cpp:189
msgid "Amiga Audio Emulator"
msgstr "Emulador de Amiga Audio"
#: audio/softsynth/adlib.cpp:1593
msgid "AdLib Emulator"
msgstr "Emulador de AdLib"
#: audio/softsynth/appleiigs.cpp:33
msgid "Apple II GS Emulator (NOT IMPLEMENTED)"
msgstr "Emulador de Apple II GS (NO IMPLEMENTADO)"
#: audio/softsynth/sid.cpp:1430
msgid "C64 Audio Emulator"
msgstr "Emulador de C64 Audio"
#: audio/softsynth/mt32.cpp:293
msgid "Initializing MT-32 Emulator"
msgstr "Iniciando el emulador de MT-32"
#: audio/softsynth/mt32.cpp:512
msgid "MT-32 Emulator"
msgstr "Emulador de MT-32"
#: audio/softsynth/pcspk.cpp:139
msgid "PC Speaker Emulator"
msgstr "Emulador del altavoz de PC"
#: audio/softsynth/pcspk.cpp:158
msgid "IBM PCjr Emulator"
msgstr "Emulador de IBM PCjr"
#: backends/keymapper/remap-dialog.cpp:47
msgid "Keymap:"
msgstr "Asignación de teclas:"
#: backends/keymapper/remap-dialog.cpp:66
msgid " (Effective)"
msgstr "(Activa)"
#: backends/keymapper/remap-dialog.cpp:106
msgid " (Active)"
msgstr "(Activa)"
#: backends/keymapper/remap-dialog.cpp:106
msgid " (Blocked)"
msgstr "(Bloqueado)"
#: backends/keymapper/remap-dialog.cpp:119
msgid " (Global)"
msgstr "(General)"
#: backends/keymapper/remap-dialog.cpp:127
msgid " (Game)"
msgstr "(Juego)"
#: backends/midi/windows.cpp:164
msgid "Windows MIDI"
msgstr "Windows MIDI"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:57
msgid "ScummVM Main Menu"
msgstr "Menú principal de ScummVM"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:63
msgid "~L~eft handed mode"
msgstr "Modo para ~z~urdos"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:64
msgid "~I~ndy fight controls"
msgstr "Controles para pelear de ~I~ndy"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:65
msgid "Show mouse cursor"
msgstr "Mostrar el cursor"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:66
msgid "Snap to edges"
msgstr "Pegar a los bordes"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:68
msgid "Touch X Offset"
msgstr "Compensación X del toque"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:75
msgid "Touch Y Offset"
msgstr "Compensación Y del toque"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:87
msgid "Use laptop trackpad-style cursor control"
msgstr "Activar el sistema de control tipo trackpad de los portátiles"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:88
msgid "Tap for left click, double tap right click"
msgstr "Un toque para clic izquierdo, dos para clic derecho"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:90
msgid "Sensitivity"
msgstr "Sensibilidad"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:99
msgid "Initial top screen scale:"
msgstr "Escalado inicial de la pantalla superior:"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:105
msgid "Main screen scaling:"
msgstr "Escalado de la pantalla principal:"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:107
msgid "Hardware scale (fast, but low quality)"
msgstr "Escalado por hardware (rápido, pero de baja calidad)"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:108
msgid "Software scale (good quality, but slower)"
msgstr "Escalado por software (buena calidad, pero más lento)"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:109
msgid "Unscaled (you must scroll left and right)"
msgstr "Sin escalado (debes desplazar la pantalla a los lados)"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:111
msgid "Brightness:"
msgstr "Brillo:"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:121
msgid "High quality audio (slower) (reboot)"
msgstr "Sonido de alta calidad (más lento) (reinicio)"
#: backends/platform/ds/arm9/source/dsoptions.cpp:122
msgid "Disable power off"
msgstr "Desactivar apagado"
#: backends/platform/iphone/osys_events.cpp:300
msgid "Mouse-click-and-drag mode enabled."
msgstr "Modo clic-de-ratón-y-arrastrar activado."
#: backends/platform/iphone/osys_events.cpp:302
msgid "Mouse-click-and-drag mode disabled."
msgstr "Modo clic-de-ratón-y-arrastrar desactivado."
#: backends/platform/iphone/osys_events.cpp:313
msgid "Touchpad mode enabled."
msgstr "Modo Touchpad activado."
#: backends/platform/iphone/osys_events.cpp:315
msgid "Touchpad mode disabled."
msgstr "Modo Touchpad desactivado."
#: backends/platform/maemo/maemo.cpp:209
msgid "Click Mode"
msgstr "Modo clic"
#: backends/platform/maemo/maemo.cpp:215
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:42
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:60
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:43
#: backends/platform/bada/form.cpp:281
msgid "Left Click"
msgstr "Clic izquierdo"
#: backends/platform/maemo/maemo.cpp:218
msgid "Middle Click"
msgstr "Clic central"
#: backends/platform/maemo/maemo.cpp:221
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:43
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:44
#: backends/platform/bada/form.cpp:273
msgid "Right Click"
msgstr "Clic derecho"
#: backends/platform/sdl/macosx/
msgid "Hide ScummVM"
msgstr "Ocultar ScummVM"
#: backends/platform/sdl/macosx/
msgid "Hide Others"
msgstr "Ocultar otros"
#: backends/platform/sdl/macosx/
msgid "Show All"
msgstr "Mostrar todo"
#: backends/platform/sdl/macosx/
#: backends/platform/sdl/macosx/
msgid "Window"
msgstr "Ventana"
#: backends/platform/sdl/macosx/
msgid "Minimize"
msgstr "Minimizar"
#: backends/graphics/surfacesdl/surfacesdl-graphics.cpp:45
msgid "Normal (no scaling)"
msgstr "Normal (sin reescalado)"
#: backends/graphics/surfacesdl/surfacesdl-graphics.cpp:64
msgctxt "lowres"
msgid "Normal (no scaling)"
msgstr "Normal"
#: backends/graphics/surfacesdl/surfacesdl-graphics.cpp:2135
#: backends/graphics/openglsdl/openglsdl-graphics.cpp:533
msgid "Enabled aspect ratio correction"
msgstr "Activar la corrección de aspecto"
#: backends/graphics/surfacesdl/surfacesdl-graphics.cpp:2141
#: backends/graphics/openglsdl/openglsdl-graphics.cpp:538
msgid "Disabled aspect ratio correction"
msgstr "Desactivar la corrección de aspecto"
#: backends/graphics/surfacesdl/surfacesdl-graphics.cpp:2196
msgid "Active graphics filter:"
msgstr "Filtro de gráficos activo:"
#: backends/graphics/surfacesdl/surfacesdl-graphics.cpp:2238
#: backends/graphics/openglsdl/openglsdl-graphics.cpp:477
msgid "Windowed mode"
msgstr "Modo ventana"
#: backends/graphics/opengl/opengl-graphics.cpp:135
msgid "OpenGL Normal"
msgstr "OpenGL Normal"
#: backends/graphics/opengl/opengl-graphics.cpp:136
msgid "OpenGL Conserve"
msgstr "OpenGL Conservar"
#: backends/graphics/opengl/opengl-graphics.cpp:137
msgid "OpenGL Original"
msgstr "OpenGL Original"
#: backends/graphics/openglsdl/openglsdl-graphics.cpp:415
msgid "Current display mode"
msgstr "Modo de vídeo actual"
#: backends/graphics/openglsdl/openglsdl-graphics.cpp:428
msgid "Current scale"
msgstr "Escala actual"
#: backends/graphics/openglsdl/openglsdl-graphics.cpp:558
msgid "Active filter mode: Linear"
msgstr "Modo de filtro activo: lineal"
#: backends/graphics/openglsdl/openglsdl-graphics.cpp:560
msgid "Active filter mode: Nearest"
msgstr "Modo de filtro activo: el más cercano"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:38
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:39
msgid "Up"
msgstr "Arriba"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:39
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:40
msgid "Down"
msgstr "Abajo"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:40
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:41
msgid "Left"
msgstr "Izquierda"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:41
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:42
msgid "Right"
msgstr "Derecha"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:46
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:47
msgid "Zone"
msgstr "Zona"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:47
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:54
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:48
msgid "Multi Function"
msgstr "Multifunción"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:48
msgid "Swap character"
msgstr "Cambiar personaje"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:49
msgid "Skip text"
msgstr "Saltar texto"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:51
msgid "Fast mode"
msgstr "Modo rápido"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:53
msgid "Debugger"
msgstr "Debugger"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:54
msgid "Global menu"
msgstr "Menú general"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:55
msgid "Virtual keyboard"
msgstr "Teclado virtual"
#: backends/platform/symbian/src/SymbianActions.cpp:56
msgid "Key mapper"
msgstr "Asignación de teclas"
#: backends/events/symbiansdl/symbiansdl-events.cpp:184
msgid "Do you want to quit ?"
msgstr "¿Quieres salir?"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:51
msgid "Video"
msgstr "Vídeo"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:54
msgid "Current video mode:"
msgstr "Modo de vídeo actual:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:56
msgid "Double-strike"
msgstr "Doble golpe"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:60
msgid "Horizontal underscan:"
msgstr "Underscan horizontal:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:66
msgid "Vertical underscan:"
msgstr "Underscan vertical:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:71
msgid "Input"
msgstr "Entrada"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:74
msgid "GC Pad sensitivity:"
msgstr "Sensibilidad del pad GC:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:80
msgid "GC Pad acceleration:"
msgstr "Aceleración del pad GC:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:86
msgid "DVD"
msgstr "DVD"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:89 backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:101
msgid "Status:"
msgstr "Estado:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:90 backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:102
msgid "Unknown"
msgstr "Desconocido"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:93
msgid "Mount DVD"
msgstr "Montar DVD"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:94
msgid "Unmount DVD"
msgstr "Desmontar DVD"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:98
msgid "SMB"
msgstr "SMB"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:106
msgid "Server:"
msgstr "Servidor:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:110
msgid "Share:"
msgstr "Disco compartido:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:114
msgid "Username:"
msgstr "Usuario:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:118
msgid "Password:"
msgstr "Contraseña:"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:121
msgid "Init network"
msgstr "Iniciar red"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:123
msgid "Mount SMB"
msgstr "Montar SMB"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:124
msgid "Unmount SMB"
msgstr "Desmontar SMB"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:143
msgid "DVD Mounted successfully"
msgstr "DVD montado con éxito"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:146
msgid "Error while mounting the DVD"
msgstr "Error al montar el DVD"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:148
msgid "DVD not mounted"
msgstr "DVD no montado"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:161
msgid "Network up, share mounted"
msgstr "Red conectada, disco compartido montado"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:163
msgid "Network up"
msgstr "Red conectada"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:166
msgid ", error while mounting the share"
msgstr ", error al montar el disco compartido"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:168
msgid ", share not mounted"
msgstr ", disco compartido no montado"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:174
msgid "Network down"
msgstr "Red desconectada"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:178
msgid "Initializing network"
msgstr "Iniciando la red"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:182
msgid "Timeout while initializing network"
msgstr "Se ha excedido el tiempo de iniciación de red"
#: backends/platform/wii/options.cpp:186
#, c-format
msgid "Network not initialized (%d)"
msgstr "Red no iniciada (%d)"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:46
msgid "Hide Toolbar"
msgstr "Ocultar barra de tareas"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:47
msgid "Show Keyboard"
msgstr "Mostrar teclado"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:48
msgid "Sound on/off"
msgstr "Sonido activado/desactivado"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:49
msgid "Right click"
msgstr "Clic derecho"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:50
msgid "Show/Hide Cursor"
msgstr "Mostrar/Ocultar cursor"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:51
msgid "Free look"
msgstr "Vista libre"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:52
msgid "Zoom up"
msgstr "Aumentar zoom"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:53
msgid "Zoom down"
msgstr "Disminuir zoom"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:55
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:49
msgid "Bind Keys"
msgstr "Asignar teclas"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:56
msgid "Cursor Up"
msgstr "Arriba"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:57
msgid "Cursor Down"
msgstr "Abajo"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:58
msgid "Cursor Left"
msgstr "Izquierda"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:59
msgid "Cursor Right"
msgstr "Derecha"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:267
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:231
msgid "Do you want to load or save the game?"
msgstr "¿Quieres cargar o guardar el juego?"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsPocket.cpp:326
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:287
msgid " Are you sure you want to quit ? "
msgstr "¿Seguro que quieres salir?"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:50
msgid "Keyboard"
msgstr "Teclado"
#: backends/platform/wince/CEActionsSmartphone.cpp:51
msgid "Rotate"
msgstr "Rotar"
#: backends/platform/wince/CELauncherDialog.cpp:56
msgid "Using SDL driver "
msgstr "Usando el controlador SDL"
#: backends/platform/wince/CELauncherDialog.cpp:60
msgid "Display "
msgstr "Pantalla"
#: backends/platform/wince/CELauncherDialog.cpp:83
msgid "Do you want to perform an automatic scan ?"
msgstr "¿Quieres realizar una búsqueda automática?"
#: backends/platform/wince/wince-sdl.cpp:515
msgid "Map right click action"
msgstr "Asignar acción 'Clic derecho'"
#: backends/platform/wince/wince-sdl.cpp:519
msgid "You must map a key to the 'Right Click' action to play this game"
msgstr ""
"Debes asignar una tecla a la acción 'Clic derecho' para jugar a este juego"
#: backends/platform/wince/wince-sdl.cpp:528
msgid "Map hide toolbar action"
msgstr "Asignar acción 'Ocultar barra de tareas'"
#: backends/platform/wince/wince-sdl.cpp:532
msgid "You must map a key to the 'Hide toolbar' action to play this game"
msgstr ""
"Debes asignar una tecla a la acción 'Ocultar barra de tareas' para jugar a "
"este juego"
#: backends/platform/wince/wince-sdl.cpp:541
msgid "Map Zoom Up action (optional)"
msgstr "Asignar acción 'Zoom' (opcional)"
#: backends/platform/wince/wince-sdl.cpp:544
msgid "Map Zoom Down action (optional)"
msgstr "Asignar acción 'Disminuir zoom' (opcional)"
#: backends/platform/wince/wince-sdl.cpp:552
msgid ""
"Don't forget to map a key to 'Hide Toolbar' action to see the whole inventory"
msgstr ""
"No olvides asignar una tecla a la acción 'Ocultar barra de tareas' para ver "
"todo el inventario"
#: backends/events/default/default-events.cpp:191
msgid "Do you really want to return to the Launcher?"
msgstr "¿Seguro que quieres volver al Lanzador?"
#: backends/events/default/default-events.cpp:191
msgid "Launcher"
msgstr "Lanzador"
#: backends/events/default/default-events.cpp:213
msgid "Do you really want to quit?"
msgstr "¿Realmente quieres salir?"
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:386
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:429
#: backends/events/openpandora/op-events.cpp:139
msgid "Touchscreen 'Tap Mode' - Left Click"
msgstr "'Modo toque' de pantalla táctil - Clic izquierdo"
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:388
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:431
#: backends/events/openpandora/op-events.cpp:141
msgid "Touchscreen 'Tap Mode' - Right Click"
msgstr "'Modo toque' de pantalla táctil - Clic derecho"
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:390
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:433
#: backends/events/openpandora/op-events.cpp:143
msgid "Touchscreen 'Tap Mode' - Hover (No Click)"
msgstr "'Modo toque' de pantalla táctil - Flotante (sin clic)"
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:410
msgid "Maximum Volume"
msgstr "Volumen máximo"
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:412
msgid "Increasing Volume"
msgstr "Aumentando el volumen"
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:418
msgid "Minimal Volume"
msgstr "Volumen mínimo"
#: backends/events/gph/gph-events.cpp:420
msgid "Decreasing Volume"
msgstr "Bajando el volumen"
#: backends/updates/macosx/
msgid "Check for Updates..."
msgstr "Buscar actualizaciones..."
#: backends/platform/bada/form.cpp:269
msgid "Right Click Once"
msgstr "Un clic derecho"
#: backends/platform/bada/form.cpp:277
msgid "Move Only"
msgstr "Solo mover"
#: backends/platform/bada/form.cpp:291
msgid "Escape Key"
msgstr "Tecla Escape"
#: backends/platform/bada/form.cpp:296
msgid "Game Menu"
msgstr "Menú del juego"
#: backends/platform/bada/form.cpp:301
msgid "Show Keypad"
msgstr "Mostrar el teclado numérico"
#: backends/platform/bada/form.cpp:309
msgid "Control Mouse"
msgstr "Control del ratón"
#: backends/events/maemosdl/maemosdl-events.cpp:192
msgid "Clicking Enabled"
msgstr "Clic activado"
#: backends/events/maemosdl/maemosdl-events.cpp:192
msgid "Clicking Disabled"
msgstr "Clic desactivado"
#~ msgid "Hercules Green"
#~ msgstr "Hercules verde"
#~ msgid "Hercules Amber"
#~ msgstr "Hercules ámbar"
#~ msgctxt "lowres"
#~ msgid "Hercules Green"
#~ msgstr "Hercules verde"
#~ msgctxt "lowres"
#~ msgid "Hercules Amber"
#~ msgstr "Hercules ámbar"
#~ msgid "Save game failed!"
#~ msgstr "No se ha podido guardar la partida."
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