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/* ScummVM - Graphic Adventure Engine
* ScummVM is the legal property of its developers, whose names
* are too numerous to list here. Please refer to the COPYRIGHT
* file distributed with this source distribution.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
* of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.
#include "bladerunner/archive.h"
#include "common/array.h"
#include "common/cosinetables.h"
#include "common/random.h"
#include "common/sinetables.h"
#include "common/stream.h"
#include "engines/engine.h"
#include "graphics/surface.h"
//TODO: change this to debugflag
namespace Common {
struct Event;
namespace GUI {
class Debugger;
struct ADGameDescription;
namespace BladeRunner {
enum DebugLevels {
kDebugScript = 1 << 0
class Actor;
class ActorDialogueQueue;
class ScreenEffects;
class AIScripts;
class AmbientSounds;
class AudioCache;
class AudioMixer;
class AudioPlayer;
class AudioSpeech;
class Chapters;
class CrimesDatabase;
class Combat;
class Debugger;
class DialogueMenu;
class Elevator;
class EndCredits;
class ESPER;
class Font;
class GameFlags;
class GameInfo;
class ItemPickup;
class Items;
class KIA;
class Lights;
class Mouse;
class Music;
class Obstacles;
class Overlays;
class PoliceMaze;
class Scene;
class SceneObjects;
class SceneScript;
class Scores;
class Settings;
class Shape;
class SliceAnimations;
class SliceRenderer;
class Spinner;
class Subtitles;
class SuspectsDatabase;
class TextResource;
class Time;
class KIAShapes;
class Vector3;
class View;
class VK;
class Waypoints;
class ZBuffer;
class BladeRunnerEngine : public Engine {
static const int kArchiveCount = 12; // +2 to original value (10) to accommodate for SUBTITLES.MIX and one extra resource file, to allow for capability of loading all VQAx.MIX and the MODE.MIX file (debug purposes)
static const int kActorCount = 100;
static const int kActorVoiceOver = kActorCount - 1;
// Incremental number to keep track of significant revisions of the ScummVM bladerunner engine
// that could potentially introduce incompatibilities with old save files or require special actions to restore compatibility
// This is stored in game global variable "kVariableGameVersion"
// Original (classic) save game files will have version number of 0
// Values:
// 1: alpha testing (from May 15, 2019 to July 17, 2019)
// 2: all time code uses uint32 (since July 17 2019),
static const int kBladeRunnerScummVMVersion = 2;
bool _gameIsRunning;
bool _windowIsActive;
int _playerLosesControlCounter;
Common::String _languageCode;
Common::Language _language;
ActorDialogueQueue *_actorDialogueQueue;
ScreenEffects *_screenEffects;
AIScripts *_aiScripts;
AmbientSounds *_ambientSounds;
AudioCache *_audioCache;
AudioMixer *_audioMixer;
AudioPlayer *_audioPlayer;
AudioSpeech *_audioSpeech;
Chapters *_chapters;
CrimesDatabase *_crimesDatabase;
Combat *_combat;
DialogueMenu *_dialogueMenu;
Elevator *_elevator;
EndCredits *_endCredits;
ESPER *_esper;
GameFlags *_gameFlags;
GameInfo *_gameInfo;
ItemPickup *_itemPickup;
Items *_items;
KIA *_kia;
Lights *_lights;
Font *_mainFont;
Subtitles *_subtitles;
Mouse *_mouse;
Music *_music;
Obstacles *_obstacles;
Overlays *_overlays;
PoliceMaze *_policeMaze;
Scene *_scene;
SceneObjects *_sceneObjects;
SceneScript *_sceneScript;
Scores *_scores;
Settings *_settings;
SliceAnimations *_sliceAnimations;
SliceRenderer *_sliceRenderer;
Spinner *_spinner;
SuspectsDatabase *_suspectsDatabase;
Time *_time;
View *_view;
VK *_vk;
Waypoints *_waypoints;
int *_gameVars;
TextResource *_textActorNames;
TextResource *_textCrimes;
TextResource *_textClueTypes;
TextResource *_textKIA;
TextResource *_textSpinnerDestinations;
TextResource *_textVK;
TextResource *_textOptions;
Common::Array<Shape*> _shapes;
Actor *_actors[kActorCount];
Actor *_playerActor;
Graphics::Surface _surfaceFront;
Graphics::Surface _surfaceBack;
ZBuffer *_zbuffer;
Common::RandomSource _rnd;
Debugger *_debugger;
Common::CosineTable *_cosTable1024;
Common::SineTable *_sinTable1024;
bool _isWalkingInterruptible;
bool _interruptWalking;
bool _playerActorIdle;
bool _playerDead;
bool _actorIsSpeaking;
bool _actorSpeakStopIsRequested;
bool _gameOver;
int _gameAutoSaveTextId;
bool _gameIsAutoSaving;
bool _gameIsLoading;
bool _sceneIsLoading;
bool _vqaIsPlaying;
bool _vqaStopIsRequested;
bool _subtitlesEnabled; // tracks the state of whether subtitles are enabled or disabled from ScummVM GUI option or KIA checkbox (the states are synched)
bool _sitcomMode;
bool _shortyMode;
bool _cutContent;
int _walkSoundId;
int _walkSoundVolume;
int _walkSoundPan;
int _runningActorId;
uint32 _mouseClickTimeLast;
uint32 _mouseClickTimeDiff;
int _walkingToExitId;
bool _isInsideScriptExit;
int _walkingToRegionId;
bool _isInsideScriptRegion;
int _walkingToObjectId;
bool _isInsideScriptObject;
int _walkingToItemId;
bool _isInsideScriptItem;
bool _walkingToEmpty;
int _walkingToEmptyX;
int _walkingToEmptyY;
bool _isInsideScriptEmpty;
int _walkingToActorId;
bool _isInsideScriptActor;
int _actorUpdateCounter;
uint32 _actorUpdateTimeLast;
MIXArchive _archives[kArchiveCount];
BladeRunnerEngine(OSystem *syst, const ADGameDescription *desc);
bool hasFeature(EngineFeature f) const override;
bool canLoadGameStateCurrently() override;
Common::Error loadGameState(int slot) override;
bool canSaveGameStateCurrently() override;
Common::Error saveGameState(int slot, const Common::String &desc) override;
void pauseEngineIntern(bool pause) override;
Common::Error run() override;
bool checkFiles(Common::Array<Common::String> &missingFiles);
bool startup(bool hasSavegames = false);
void initChapterAndScene();
void shutdown();
bool loadSplash();
Common::Point getMousePos() const;
bool isMouseButtonDown() const;
void gameLoop();
void gameTick();
void actorsUpdate();
void walkingReset();
void handleEvents();
void handleKeyUp(Common::Event &event);
void handleKeyDown(Common::Event &event);
void handleMouseAction(int x, int y, bool mainButton, bool buttonDown, int scrollDirection = 0);
void handleMouseClickExit(int exitId, int x, int y, bool buttonDown);
void handleMouseClickRegion(int regionId, int x, int y, bool buttonDown);
void handleMouseClickItem(int itemId, bool buttonDown);
void handleMouseClickActor(int actorId, bool mainButton, bool buttonDown, Vector3 &scenePosition, int x, int y);
void handleMouseClick3DObject(int objectId, bool buttonDown, bool isClickable, bool isTarget);
void handleMouseClickEmpty(int x, int y, Vector3 &scenePosition, bool buttonDown);
void gameWaitForActive();
void loopActorSpeaking();
void loopQueuedDialogueStillPlaying();
void outtakePlay(int id, bool no_localization, int container = -1);
bool openArchive(const Common::String &name);
bool closeArchive(const Common::String &name);
bool isArchiveOpen(const Common::String &name) const;
void syncSoundSettings();
bool isSubtitlesEnabled();
void setSubtitlesEnabled(bool newVal);
Common::SeekableReadStream *getResourceStream(const Common::String &name);
bool playerHasControl();
void playerLosesControl();
void playerGainsControl(bool force = false);
void playerDied();
bool saveGame(Common::WriteStream &stream, Graphics::Surface &thumbnail);
bool loadGame(Common::SeekableReadStream &stream);
void newGame(int difficulty);
void autoSaveGame(int textId, bool endgame);
void ISez(const Common::String &str);
void blitToScreen(const Graphics::Surface &src) const;
Graphics::Surface generateThumbnail() const;
GUI::Debugger *getDebugger();
Common::String getTargetName() const;
static inline const Graphics::PixelFormat gameDataPixelFormat() {
return Graphics::PixelFormat(2, 5, 5, 5, 1, 10, 5, 0, 15);
static inline const Graphics::PixelFormat screenPixelFormat() {
// Should be a format supported by Android port
return Graphics::PixelFormat(2, 5, 5, 5, 1, 11, 6, 1, 0);
void blit(const Graphics::Surface &src, Graphics::Surface &dst);
} // End of namespace BladeRunner
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