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CRYO: EDEN: Move graphics into a separate class

Eden game object now contains a graphics object with which to
delegate graphics operations and store states of the graphics.

Much of the video playing is done in the graphics class
so I have moved a lot of the video state into there.

Some graphics related variables were moved out of eden and into
graphics, but many are still in eden.

Since they are still coupled there are lots of getters and setters.
For example both eden_graphics and eden share a handle to the same
video object.

I have made a few more things public than desirable.

I changed graphics to eden_graphics since it is specialized to eden
and not just cryo.
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dafioram authored and bluegr committed Aug 31, 2018
1 parent b8bdc6c commit 1ed2cd40f3213720cd33d96fca9f6516b5589189
Showing with 1,157 additions and 671 deletions.
  1. +369 −356 engines/cryo/eden.cpp
  2. +81 −91 engines/cryo/eden.h
  3. +462 −223 engines/cryo/{graphics.cpp → eden_graphics.cpp}
  4. +244 −0 engines/cryo/eden_graphics.h
  5. +1 −1 engines/cryo/

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