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SCI32: Update QFG4 script patch description (#1433)

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sluicebox authored and bluegr committed Dec 5, 2018
1 parent 54a84b9 commit 216d4743489d2284eff6afd7bc7a7e5a92693eea
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  1. +5 −4 engines/sci/engine/script_patches.cpp
@@ -8288,17 +8288,18 @@ static const uint16 qfg4ConditionalVoidPatch[] = {
// The copy protection in floppy versions has a script bug which uses disposed
// objects and crashes our interpreter. This appears to work in Sierra's
// interpreter although they fixed the script bug in the CD version.
// The copy protection in floppy versions has a script bug which attempts to add
// views with no planes to the screen. Our interpreter does not allow this and
// treats it as an error. This appears to work in Sierra's interpreter, which
// presumably ignores it, although the script bug was fixed in the CD version.
// When asking Dr. Cranium in room 370 about certain potions the game switches
// to a copy protection screen and then back to the conversation. Before the
// switch, craniumTalker is disposed, which in turn disposes craniumThumbs and
// craniumBrow. Disposing these views clears their planes. After returning from
// the protection screen craniumTalker:showAgain is called even though it has
// been disposed. This causes kAddScreenItem to be called on views without
// planes, which is currently an error in our interpreter.
// planes, which is treated as an error by our interpreter.
// We work around this by reinitializing craniumTalker after the copy protection
// so that showAgain can be safely called. craniumTalker is reinitialized when

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