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STARTREK: Refactor text and menus

Moved them out of the Graphics class and into their own files.
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Drenn1 authored and sev- committed May 16, 2018
1 parent be8e807 commit 2731ae228795ca1a8d823f147212ef5c22261598
@@ -46,10 +46,6 @@ Graphics::Graphics(StarTrekEngine *vm) : _vm(vm), _egaMode(false) {
_font = new Font(_vm);

_numSprites = 0;
_textDisplayMode = TEXTDISPLAY_WAIT;
_textboxVar2 = 0;
_textboxVar6 = 0;
_textboxHasMultipleChoices = false;

_palData = new byte[256 * 3];
_lutData = new byte[256 * 3];
@@ -44,25 +44,6 @@ const int SCREEN_WIDTH = 320;
const int SCREEN_HEIGHT = 200;

const int MAX_SPRITES = 32;
const int MAX_MENUBUTTONS = 32;

const int TEXTBOX_WIDTH = 26;
const int MAX_TEXTBOX_LINES = 12;

// Keeps track of data for a list of buttons making up a menu
struct Menu {
Sprite sprites[MAX_MENUBUTTONS];
uint16 retvals[MAX_MENUBUTTONS];
uint32 disabledButtons;
SharedPtr<FileStream> menuFile;
uint16 numButtons;
int16 selectedButton;
SharedPtr<Menu> nextMenu;

class Graphics;
typedef String (Graphics::*TextGetterFunc)(int, uintptr, String *);

class Graphics {
@@ -119,65 +100,8 @@ class Graphics {
Sprite *_sprites[MAX_SPRITES];
int _numSprites;

SharedPtr<Bitmap> _mouseBitmap;

// text.cpp (TODO: separate class)
int showText(TextGetterFunc textGetter, uintptr var, int xoffset, int yoffset, int textColor, bool loopChoices, int maxTextLines, int arg10);

String readTextFromRdf(int choiceIndex, uintptr data, String *headerTextOutput);
String readTextFromBuffer(int choiceIndex, uintptr data, String *headerTextOutput);
String readTextFromArray(int choiceIndex, uintptr data, String *headerTextOutput);

int handleMenuEvents(uint32 ticksUntilClickingEnabled, bool arg4);

SharedPtr<TextBitmap> initTextSprite(int *xoffsetPtr, int *yoffsetPtr, byte textColor, int numTextLines, bool withHeader, Sprite *sprite);
void drawMainText(SharedPtr<TextBitmap> bitmap, int numTextLines, int numTextboxLines, const String &text, bool withHeader);

int getNumLines(const String &str);
void getTextboxHeader(String *headerTextOutput, String speakerText, int choiceIndex);

String readLineFormattedText(TextGetterFunc textGetter, uintptr var, int choiceIndex, SharedPtr<TextBitmap> textBitmap, int numTextboxLines, int *numLines);
String putTextIntoLines(const String &text);
const char *getNextTextLine(const char *text, char *line, int lineWidth);

String skipTextAudioPrompt(const String &str);
String playTextAudio(const String &str);

int getMenuButtonAt(const Menu &menu, int x, int y);
void drawMenuButtonOutline(SharedPtr<Bitmap> bitmap, byte color);
void loadMenuButtons(String mnuFilename, int xpos, int ypos);
void unloadMenuButtons();
void disableMenuButtons(uint32 bits);
void enableMenuButtons(uint32 bits);
void setVisibleMenuButtons(uint32 bits);

void choseMousePositionFromSprites(Sprite *sprites, int numSprites, int spriteIndex, int mode);
void showOptionsMenu(int x, int y);
void showSaveMenu();
void showLoadMenu();
void showQuitGamePrompt(int x, int y);
void showTextConfigurationMenu(bool fromOptionMenu);

int loadTextDisplayMode();
void saveTextDisplayMode(int value);

int16 _textDisplayMode;

uint32 _textboxVar2;
uint16 _textboxVar6;
bool _textboxHasMultipleChoices;

SharedPtr<Menu> _activeMenu;

// Saved value of StarTrekEngine::_keyboardControlsMouse when menus are up
bool _keyboardControlsMouseOutsideMenu;
SharedPtr<Bitmap> _mouseBitmap;

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